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Flash Quotes D2 – Italy v France 10-3 Women, Group B

Italy v France 10-3 Day 2, Women, Group B

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Fabio Conti, head coach, Italy

I expected this level. We are still below our best level as we don’t need to give our best now. For us, the real start of the event is 19 January, when we play with Spain. Until that we do serious workouts.

Filippos Sakelis, head coach, France

The first match is always difficult, we don’t know the conditions of our opponents. Italy is one of the strongest teams at the moment and it was a good test to see where we are. We were competitive in the whole game and I’m happy for my team. We want to change our level and fasten our progress but the team has injuries, we are not at full strength here, but we are moving forward.

Louise Guillet, player, France

It was our first game, we had a fine start and then we began to go down. But it’s OK after all, we have a lot more to play.