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BELGRADE 2016 – Georgia v Romania 6-12 Day 2, Men, Group C


?BELGRADE 2016 – Georgia v Romania 6-12 Day 2, Men, Group C 

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Jovan Popovic, head coach, Georgia
We played very well in the first two periods, but in the second part of the game Romania was more aggressive. Italy is the favourite in our group and now we are preparing for our next match with Germany.
Dejan Stanojevic, head coach, Romania
My expectation for this game came true. I knew it was going to be hard in the first two periods because it was morning and our first game in the tournament. Georgia was better in the beginning, but we changed our game for the third and fourth periods. Germany, Georgia and Romania are all fighting for the second place in this group so the outcome will be interesting.
Zurab Rurua, player, Georgia
We started well, but then we got tired by the third period. To play in the morning was very hard and due to the tiredness our defence didn’t work properly any more. For the next match we have to change our tactics, but all in all the Romanians were better today.

Cosmin Radu, player, Romania
We started slow and didn’t play our game in the first two quarters and kept them in the game due to our mistakes in offence. We didn’t start to play we supposed to do. It will be difficult against Italy and when it comes to Germany, we shall see, Germany are at the same level but they had some good results recently. If we manage to improve our game then we have our chance.