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Water Polo

BELGRADE 2016 – Croatia v Spain 3-29 Day 2, Women, Group B

?????BELGRADE 2016-Georgia v Romania 3-29 Day 2, Women, Group B 

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Niksa Savin, head coach, Croatia
We were afraid of the game would end up like this. They were another dimension for us, we fought the best we could but all the flaws in our game came to the surface so the Spanish team could easily beat us. The next thing for us is the match against Serbia and it will be another atmosphere because of the many fans cheering in the arena.

Miguel Oca, head coach, Spain
It was the first much match in this tournament but it was more or less a training. The most important match in the prelims will be the last one against Italy.

Emmi Miljkovic, player, Croatia
We expected such hard game. There are a great team but this is only the first game, there are a lot more to play. The match against Serbia is more important for us than this one with Spain.

Jennifer Pareja, player, Spain
It was the first game of the tournament for us and I think we did well. We are very satisfied.