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Water Polo

BELGRADE 2016 – Netherlands v Hungary 14-10 – Day 1, Women, Group A

BELGRADE 2016 – Netherlands
v Hungary 14-10 
Day 1, Women, Group A


Arno Havenga, head coach,

really satisfied, especially with the first period when we played really well.
Between the second and third period we talked about some details in our game
which didn’t work that well in the second half. It’s always difficult to start
a big tournament and first match was a bit stressful for me, but it ended well
after all.

Attila Biro, head coach, Hungary

been all decided in the first half when our play lacked strength and courage.
Our passes to the centre-forwards were not precise at all, we couldn’t create
any chances, while the Dutch played well their game, they fed the centres
nicely and used their chances. After the middle break we started to build our
attacks with more care, the passes were fine, we earned 6 on 5s and even scored
from the centre, so it started to look like the game we want to see. And it’s
better to get this clap to our face now, then in the later stages – this can
wake up the team in time.

Miloushka Smit, player, Netherlands

have a very good start and that’s really important in a tournament like this.
Especially when you have a rival as Hungary, playing well and winning against
them is a great push before the following matches in this group.

Laura Aarts, goalie, Netherlands

was a really good game for us, we started really well and scored beautiful
goals. Towards the end Hungary started to play a bit harder and got some
through but we stood tall and won the game.

Dora Antal, player, Hungary

wouldn’t say we should push the ‘delete’ button right now, we have to watch the
video again to learn from our mistakes as we committed too many. But this was
only the first game, there is no reason to break down, we have to go on, the
important matches are due in the knock-out phase