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Water Polo

BELGRADE 2016 – Montenegro v Netherlands 13-6 – Day 1, Men, Group A

BELGRADE 2016 – Montenegro v Netherlands 13-6 – Day 1 Men Group A

flash quotes

Gojkovic, head coach, Montenegro

It was a good game, we played the way
we expected, even though our level dropped a bit from the third quarter after
our offense got weaker. Still, we are saving ourselves for the second week
which are more important.

Robin Van
Galen, head coach, the Netherlands

We started very poorly, going down
0-5 in the first quarter. About the last three quarters I’m very satisfied as
we played what we can play. In the first period we were too impressed with the
stadium and a top team like Montenegro it’s really difficult to play against.
13-6 is a result we can live with and we look forward to the next game, but we
have a very difficult group. We will try to achieve a top 12 position, this is
our goal here.

Janovic, player, Montenegro

We were expecting a win, from the
beginning we played with responsibility though we didn’t play on our usual
level. Still, we managed to started the championships seriously.

Spijker, player, Netherlands

are disappointed about the loss, though we kind of expected this. Montenegro
has a strong team and now we have to focus on our next matches. It was great to
play in this arena for the first time, because it’s different than the other
venues, it’s much different what we got used to in water polo. We are eager to
play our next game and to have a good tournament