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BELGRADE 2016 – Croatia v Serbia 6-13 Day 1, Men, Group B

BELGRADE 2016 – Croatia v Serbia 6-13 Day 1, Men,
Group B 

flash quotes

Ivica Tucak,
head coach, Croatia

Serbia is the best team now, they
demonstrated it again. We couldn’t cope with them, maybe the atmosphere had an
impact on our team… We must forget this match and prepare for the next one.

Dejan Savic,
head coach, Serbia

We played very well, it was a good
game to start this championship. We accomplished everything we wanted and this
gives us a great feeling.

Zivko Gocic,
player, Serbia

Our goal is to play even better.
Special thanks go to the audience they created a really great atmosphere. This
is a huge success for the sport.

Pijetlovic, player, Serbia

It was a big pressure to play in
front of our fans, but we were well prepared for this match while we can say it
wasn’t the Croatians’ day.

Jokovic, player, Croatia

are preparing for the Olympic Games, we won the title four years ago so we have
to retain it. I hope this was only an episode tonight, we didn’t find the
solution against the Serbian defence. We have to improve the quality of our