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2018 News Press Releases

New leading role for Paulo Frischknecht in Portugal

Former LEN Executive Director and current Senior Adviser Paulo Frischknecht has been named the new National Sports Foundation Board Chairman in Portugal, one of the highest positions in the country’s sport leadership. Mr. Frischknecht was nominated by the Minister of Education, and appointed by the Prime Minister of Portugal.

“Hope to be trustworthy of this new managerial challenge, yet presented by my national government” Mr. Frischknecht said on his new role. “It is of adamant importance to have our national network of High Performance Sports Venues and Elite Training Centres well acknowledged and fully recognised abroad. Portugal has most tools to strengthen its potential as a worldwide sports destination, whilst endeavouring to increase international awareness.”

Paulo Frischknecht served LEN as Executive Director between 2013 and 2017, in recent months he has been working for the success of the European Championships project for 2018 and 2022 and beyond.