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2019 LEN Magazine News

LEN Awards 2018

The voting is over, here are the winners! 

Since 2008 LEN has been recognising its best athletes in the respective disciplines based on votes casted by the National Federations and members of the various LEN committees and panels. Here are the 2018 winners:

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Men: Kliment Kolesnikov (RUS) • Women: Sarah Sjostrom (SWE)


Men: Jack Laugher (GBR) • Women: Celine van Duijn (NED)

Artistic swimming

Women: Svetlana Kolesnichenko (RUS) • Men: Giorgio Minisini (ITA)

Open water swimming

Men: Kristof Rasovszky (HUN) • Women: Sharon van Rouwendaal (NED)

Water polo

Men: Filip Filipovic (SRB) • Women: Sabrina van der Sloot (NED)

“European athletes enjoyed another outstanding year and offered superb performances wherever they competed” LEN president Paolo Barelli said. “For European Aquatics certainly the European Championships were the absolute highlights of the year and the results achieved in Glasgow had a big impact on our prestigious awards. Let me congratulate all winners and all the others appearing on the shortlists, they deserve every credit for their determination and excellence. LEN shall maintain to keep the athletes in its focus and to create the best racing environment any time, anywhere at our events.”

On this 11th occasion there have been a couple of tight ‘races’, a single vote decided the outcome in men’s artistic swimming and women’s water polo and there were minor differences in the contests in men’s swimming, in diving and in men’s open water swimming.

There were a couple of returning champions, Serbia’s Filip Filipovic clinched his fourth award among the men’s water polo players while the hero of the women’s open water meet in Glasgow Sharon van Rouwendaal from the Netherlands came first for the third time. Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom (women’s swimming), artistic swimmers Svetlana Kolesnichenko (RUS) and Giorgio Minisini (ITA) all repeated their respective victories from last year, while British diver Jack Laugher won for the second time after 2016.

Four names are to be carved onto the sculptures for the first time: Kliment Kolesnikov (RUS, swimming), Celine van Duijn (NED, diving), Kristof Rasovszky (HUN, open water) and Sabrine van der Sloot (NED, water polo).



Swimming, men

Kliment Kolesnikov (RUS)  44.0%

Adam Peaty (GBR)          36.0%

Mykhailo Romanchuk (UKR)   8.0%

Andriy Govorov (UKR)       6.7%

Florian Wellbrock (GER)    4.0%

Jeremy Desplanches (SUI)   1.3%


Swimming, women

Sarah Sjostrom (SWE)     45.3%

Katinka Hosszu (HUN)     28.0%

Simona Quadarella (ITA)  10.7%

Charlotte Bonnet (FRA)    8.0%

Yulia Efimova (RUS)       8.0%

Diving, men

Jack Laugher (GBR)       49.3%

Aleksandr Bondar (RUS)   40.6%

Evgeny Kuznetsov (RUS)    4.3%

Nikita Shleikher (RUS)    4.3%

Ilya Zakharov (RUS)       1.4%

Diving, women

Celine van Duijn (NED)   24.3%

Elena Bertocchi (ITA)    20.0%

Grace Reid (GBR)         18.6%

Tina Punzel (GER)        18.6%

Yulia Timoshinina (RUS)  18.6%

Artistic (Synchronised) Swimming, Women

Svetlana Kolesnichenko (RUS) 63.8%

Linda Cerruti (ITA)          21.7%

Yelizaveta Yakhno (UKR)      14.5%

Artistic (Synchronised) Swimming, Men

Giorgio Minisini (ITA)    47.7%

Aleksandr Maltsev (RUS)   46.2%

Pau Ribes (ESP)            6.2%

Open water swimming, men

Kristof Rasovszky (HUN)     47.2%

Ferry Weertman (NED)        40.3%

Matteo Furlan (ITA)          9.7%

Kiril Belyaev (RUS)          1.4%

Axel Reymond (FRA)           1.4%

Open water swimming, women

Sharon van Rouwendaal (NED) 73.6%

Arianna Bridi (ITA)         11.1%

Rachele Bruni (ITA)          6.9%

Leonie Beck (GER)            5.6%

Lara Grangeon (FRA)          2.8%

Water polo, men

Filip Filipovic (SRB)       46.3%

Dani Lopez (ESP)            17.9%

Ioannis Fountoulis (GRE)    16.4%

Aleksandar Ivovic (MNE)     13.4%

Andro Buslje (CRO)           6.0%

Water polo, women

Sabrina van der Sloot (NED) 33.8%

Laura Aarts (NED)           32.3%

Ekaterina Prokofyeva (RUS)  13.8%

Beatriz Ortiz (ESP)         12.3%

Alexandra Asimaki (GRE)      7.7%





2008: Alain Bernard (France)

2009: Paul Biedermann (Germany)

2010: Camille Lacourt (France)

2011: Alexander Dale Oen (Norway)

2012: Yannick Agnel (France)

2013: Yannick Agnel (France)

2014: Florent Manaudou (France)

2015: Laszlo Cseh (Hungary)

2016: Adam Peaty (Great Britain)

2017: Adam Peaty (Great Britain)

2018: Kliment Kolesnikov (Russia)


2008: Rebecca Adlington (Great Britain)

2009: Britta Steffen (Germany)

2010: Therese Alshammar (Sweden)

2011: Federica Pellegrini (Italy)

2012: Ranomi Kromowidjojo (Netherlands)

2013: Katinka Hosszu (Hungary)

2014: Katinka Hosszu (Hungary)

2015: Katinka Hosszu (Hungary)

2016: Katinka Hosszu (Hungary)

2017: Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden)

2018: Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden)



2008: Dmitry Sautin (Russia)

2009: Tom Daley (Great Britain)

2010: Illya Kvasha (Ukraine)

2011: Sascha Klein (Germany)

2012: Ilya Zakharov (Russia)

2013: Patrick Hausding (Germany)

2014: Patrick Hausding (Germany)

2015: Tom Daley (Great Britain)

2016: Jack Laugher (Great Britain)

2017: Tom Daley (Great Britain)

2018: Jack Laugher (Great Britain)


2008: Yulia Pakhalina (Russia)

2009: Tania Cagnotto (Italy)

2010: Christin Steuer (Germany)

2011: Tania Cagnotto (Italy)

2012: Tania Cagnotto (Italy)

2013: Tania Cagnotto (Italy)

2014: Tania Cagnotto (Italy)

2015: Tania Cagnotto (Italy)

2016: Tania Cagnotto (Italy)

2017: Nadezhda Bazina (Russia)

2018: Celine van Duijn (Netherlands)



2008: Anastasia Davydova, Anastasia Ermakova (Russia)

2009: Natalia Ishchenko (Russia)

2010: Natalia Ishchenko (Russia)

2011: Natalia Ishchenko, Svetlana Romashina (Russia)

2012: Natalia Ishchenko (Russia)

2013: Svetlana Romashina (Russia)

2014: Ona Carbonell (Spain)

2015: Svetlana Romashina (Russia)

2016: Natalia Ishchenko (Russia)

2017: Svetlana Kolesnichenko (Russia)

2018: Svetlana Kolesnichenko (Russia)


2017: Giorgio Minisini (Italy)

2018: Giorgio Minisini (Italy)



2008: Maarten van der Weijden (Netherlands)

2009: Thomas Lurz (Germany)

2010: Valerio Cleri (Italy)

2011: Thomas Lurz (Germany)

2012: Thomas Lurz (Germany)

2013: Thomas Lurz (Germany)

2014: Thomas Lurz (Germany)

2015: Ferry Weertman (Netherlands)

2016: Ferry Weertman (Netherlands)

2017: Marc-Antoine Olivier (France)

2018: Kristof Rasovszky (Hungary)


2008: Larisa Ilchenko (Russia)

2009: Angela Maurer (Germany)

2010: Linsy Heister (Netherlands)

2011: Keri-Anne Payne (Great Britain)

2012: Eva Risztov (Hungary)

2013: Martina Grimaldi (Italy)

2014: Sharon van Rouwendaal (Netherlands)

2015: Aurelie Muller (France)

2016: Sharon van Rouwendaal (Netherlands)

2017: Aurelie Muller (France)

2018: Sharon van Rouwendaal (Netherlands)



2008: Peter Biros (Hungary)

2009: Filip Filipovic (Serbia)

2010: Vanja Udovicic (Serbia)

2011: Stefano Tempesti (Italy)

2012: Miho Boskovic (Croatia)

2013: Denes Varga (Hungary)

2014: Filip Filipovic (Serbia)

2015: Dusko Pijetlovic (Serbia)

2016: Filip Filipovic (Serbia)

2017: Marko Bijac (Croatia)

2018: Filip Filipovic (Serbia)


2008: Danielle De Bruijn (Netherlands)

2009: Iefke van Belkum (Netherlands)

2010: Sofia Konukh (Russia)

2011: Alexandra Asimaki (Greece)

2012: Anni Espar (Spain)

2013: Jennifer Pareja (Spain)

2014: Maria Garcia (Spain)

2015: Roberta Bianconi (Italy)

2016: Roberta Bianconi (Italy)

2017: Laura Ester (Spain)

2018: Sabrina van der Sloot (Netherlands)