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LEN Open Water Cup – Leg 2, preview

Giant fields, more than 200 swimmers at the start

Just as in last year, the second leg of the LEN Open Water Cup in France will turn into a mass event for the pros. Brive La Gaillarde will see 118 men and 96 women lining up for the start of the two races.

Though the majority of the entrants will represent host France but more than 20 other nations sent its respective swimmers for the meet. Though it’s a LEN sanctioned event, it’s still open for all continent and athletes indeed flooded Brive from all corners of the world including Australia, Canada, Senegal and Tunisia just to name a few of the participating NFs outside from Europe.

The Old Continent’s powerhouses will also be present as usual, the most interesting clash is foreseen in the women’s event between two greats of open water swimming, world champion Aurelie Muller of France and Olympic champion Sharon van Rouwendaal of the Netherlands.

The men’s event will see a great in-house battle of the best French swimmers with world champion Marc-Antoine Olivier in the focus of the action.

The men’s race starts at 10.00 while the women’s event starts at 15.30.


LEN Open Water Cup – Schedule

Leg 1 – Eilat (ISR) – 31 March

Leg 2 – Brive La Gaillarde (FRA) – 23 May

Leg 3 – Barcelona (ESP) – 29 June

Leg 4 – Ohrid (MKD) – 18 August

Leg 5 – Copenhagen (DEN, 6km) – 31 August