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Men’s Euro Cup, Quarter-finals, 2nd leg – Preview

Brescia awaits semi-final rivals

Based on the results in the first leg, Brescia’s return match is a formality but the other three quarter-finals might see some tense moments.


While in previous seasons the teams beginning their quest in the Euro Cup dominated the quarter-finals, this season clubs arriving from the Champions League qualification play-offs are set to reach the semis in at least three of the four QFs.

Brescia already snatched a decisive 7-goal win over Miskolc and Oradea enjoys a three-goal advantage though Mataro will try to hit back from noon on Saturday.

Vouliagmeni, also bowing out in the Champions League qualification play-offs, led most of the time in Ortigia but had to settle for a draw at the end. Though they seem to be the favourites at home, last year they also met the Italians in the quarters, won 7-8 in Sicily only to see Ortigia upending them 6-9 in Athens – so it’s yet to be tested how much they learnt from that lesson.

Eger can save the pride of the ‘Euro Cup originals’ as it arrives to Strasbourg with a solid 4-goal lead and in the last four years no team was able to overturn such a deficit in the home-and-away duels.

Euro Cup, Quarter-finals, 2nd leg

12.00 Quadis CN Mataro (ESP) v DiGi Oradea (ROU) – first leg: 9-12

17.00 NC Vouliagmeni GRE) v CC Ortigia (ITA) – first leg: 9-9

19.00 MVLC Miskolc (HUN) v AN Brescia (ITA) – first leg: 10-17

20.30 Team Strasbourg (FRA) v ZF-Eger (HUN) – first leg: 8-12