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LEN to hold a virtual Congress in November

The LEN Bureau has agreed to hold a virtual LEN Congress on 8 November 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The elections will also be conducted on the web.

The 2020 LEN Congress would have taken place in Budapest, originally on the eve of the European Aquatics Championships in May but it had to be rescheduled for this November, while the Europeans are set to take place next May. The Congress, however, now moves to the web, according to the decision of the LEN Bureau.

In a message sent to all LEN Member Federations, LEN President Paolo Barelli wrote: “With one month to go, we have to admit that staging a Congress in a traditional way is no longer a real option. We see travel bans, reduced flight schedules, restrictions, enforced quarantines, limits on gatherings – different measures in different countries – which would make hard if not impossible for many of you to attend the Congress in person. Taking everything into consideration, the LEN Bureau decided to hold a virtual Congress this November, still on 8 November 2020. The LEN Bureau is convinced that this is the only way to ensure equal conditions for all Member Federations and delegates.”

Paolo Barelli also thanked the efforts of the Hungarian Swimming Association, its President Sandor Wladar and Minister of State for Sports Tunde Szabo, both outstanding swimmers in the past, as they were ready to host the LEN Congress.

The annual meeting of the European Aquatic Family will be staged as a videoconference using the most updated tools. Since the 2020 edition is also an Elective Congress, special software shall be used for the voting process.

LEN and its partner shall provide all details for the member federations on the registration and the technical parameters in due time.