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Champions League – Ydraikos and Enka did not show up

Two teams did not show up at the Champions League qualification tournaments: Ydraikos (GRE) did not arrive to Siracusa while Enka (TUR) failed to join the field in Budapest. Both sides sent late notices that due to travel hardships they could not take part in the competition.

According to the LEN regulations, both teams have to pay a fine as they withdrew after the draw had been made. Neither side could continue in the Euro Cup as they are disqualified from the current season’s competitions.

Both tournaments’ schedules are modified. In Budapest only the programme’s length changes – no games at 15.00 on Thursday and Friday, and no late evening match from 21.00 on Saturday.

In Siracusa one games moved on 13 November, Friday, Szolnok will play Paix s’Aix from 14.00 instead of 12.00.

Since now both events feature a group of five and a group of three, on Sunday the games for 7-8th places shall not be played. The team finishing fourth in the sub-group will be ranked as 7th overall while the bottom-ranked side will be considered 8th.

On a different note: not all matches are subject of live streaming in Budapest. Only the games televised by the host broadcaster DigiSport – featuring either (OSC) or Oradea (ROU) – are available in streaming. From Siracusa, all games are live streamed.