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2020 LEN Events News

Liaisons and Chairmen approved by the LEN Bureau

The newly elected LEN Bureau held its first meeting this Saturday, again in a video-conference format. All the members approved unanimously the composition of the various LEN Committees and their respective Bureau Liaisons.

We are happy to announce our new committees and the Bureau Liaisons overseeing their invaluable workLEN President Paolo Barelli said after the meeting. “We all know how important job these committees are delivering before, during and between our events, that they are the engines behind LEN activities. It was an honour to see the long list of great nominees our National Federations submitted. Europe is a magnificent continent where we have plenty of professionals who have outstanding knowledge and expertise in organising and running competitions or to offer outstanding support in other important fields. This makes Europe the No. 1 continent in the aquatic world and this makes LEN a very strong sport institute.

Here are the Bureau Liaisons who shall oversee the work of the respective committees. Since swimming has enjoyed an enormous growth, the TSC will have two Liaisons in the next four years, Vice-President Pia Holmen (DEN) and Marco Stacchiotti (LUX). Water polo will be overseen by Alexandar Sostar (SRB) and Joe Caruana Curran (MLT). The diving Liaison is Vice-President Andrii Vlaskov (UKR), artistic swimming will be supervised by Alexey Vlasenko (RUS), open water swimming by Noam Zwi (ISR), and Masters by Sami Wahlman (FIN). Vice-Presidents Tunde Szabo (HUN) will be responsible for the Media, Dimitris Diathesopoulos (GRE) for Disciplines Coordination, Marius van Zeijts (NED) for Special Projects. Christer Magnusson (SWE) shall liaise with the Medical Committee, Camelia Potec (ROU) with the Athletes Committee and Predrag Sloboda (CRO) with the Marketing Committee.

Five of the six technical committees will be led by new chairmen. Craig Hunter (GBR) is the new leader of the swimming committee, Frans van der Konijnenburg (NED) will head the divers, Angel Moliner (ESP) is the new boss in water polo, Sam Greetham (GBR) chairs the open water committee and Hordur J. Oddfridarson (ISL) will lead the Masters. Ulla Lucenius (FIN) will have another four-year term at the helm of the artistic swimming committee.

As for the other chairmen, Maurice Watkins (GBR) will carry on heading the Legal Committee, Kyriakos Nanounis (GRE) does the same at the helm of the Medical Committee and Camillo Cametti (ITA) in the Media Committee.





Swimming                             Pia Holmen (DEN) – Marco Stacchiotti (LUX)
Water Polo                           Aleksandar Sostar (SRB) – Joe Caruana Curran (MLT)
Diving                               Andrii Vlaskov (UKR)
Artistic Swimming                    Alexey Vlasenko (RUS)
Open Water Swimming                  Noam Zwi (ISR)
Disciplines’ Coordination            Dimitris Diathesopoulos (GRE)
Masters                              Sami Wahlman (FIN)
Medical                              Christer Magnusson (SWE)
Athletes                             Camelia Potec (ROU)
Special Projects                     Marius van Zeijts (NED)
Media                                Tunde Szabo (HUN)
Marketing                            Predrag Sloboda (CRO)
Awards, education, legal, facilities LEN Officers




Pia Holmen (DEN)                       Bureau liaison
Marco Stacchiotti (LUX)                Bureau liaison

Craig Hunter (GBR)                     Chairman

Alfonso Wucherpfennig (ESP)            Vice Chairman

Jens-Christian Iversen (DEN)           Secretary

Jakub Tesarek (CZE)                    Members
Ville Riekkinen (FIN)
Denis Cadon (FRA)
Jurgen Bosch (GER)
Ferenc Kovácshegyi (HUN)
Gary Stoops (IRL)
Amir Tito (ISR)
Mireille Zimmer (LUX)
Karina van Holst Pellekaan (NED)
Rune Gran (NOR)
Jakub Krzywda (POL)
Vadim Akhamadiev (RUS)
Erkan Mutlu (TUR)
Sergiy Lyzak (UKR)


Aleksandar Sostar (SRB)                Bureau liaison
Joe Caruana Curran (MLT)               Bureau liaison

Angel Moliner (ESP)                    Chairman

Tamas Molnar (HUN)                     Vice Chairman

Dejan Perisic (SRB)                    Secretary

Mark Koganov (AZE)                     Members
Milivoj Bebic (CRO)
Alexander Bitadze (GEO)
Nikolaos Stavropoulos (GRE)
Roberto Petronilli (ITA)
Gadi Schwartz (ISR)
Marijo Brguljan (MNE)
Andy IM Hoepelman (NED)
Paulo Ramos (POR)
Mihai Angelo Simion (ROU)
Naumov Sergey (RUS)
Matjaz Rakovec (SLO)
Jacques Racine (SUI)
Stefan Bottlik (SVK)


Andrii Vlaskov (UKR)                     Bureau liaison

Frans van de Konijnenburg (NED)          Chairman

Anna Sorokina (UKR)                      Vice Chairman

Klaus Dibiasi (ITA)                      Secretary

Georgi Chobanov (BUL)                    Members
Sanda Donoval (CRO)
Dolores Saez De Ibarra (ESP)
Alexei Evangulov (GBR)
Holger Schlepps (GER)
Ildiko Kelemen (HUN)
Arne Tellefsen (NOR)
Bartlomiej Krynicki (POL)
Svetlana Moiseeva (RUS)
Snezana Zugic (SRB)
Hana Novotna (CZE)
Salih Basparmak (TUR)


Alexey Vlasenko (RUS)                   Bureau liaison

Ulla Lucenius (FIN)                     Chairman

Maria Thivaiou (GRE)                    Vice Chairman

Marie Yildiz Kavaklioglu (FRA)          Secretary

Christiane Brenner-Froemel (AUT)        Members
Aliona Svetlichnaya (BLR)
Darko Curuvija (CRO)
Ivona Kralikova (CZE)
Ana Montero (ESP)
Maria Ramos (GBR)
Judit Vizi (HUN)
Paolo Soro (ITA)
Yogev Rubichek Yael (ISR)
Andida Bouma (NED)
Olga Brusnikina (RUS)
Iva Popovic (SRB)
Anastasiya Petrenko (UKR)


Noam Zwi (ISR)                          Bureau liaison

Sam Greetham (GBR)                      Chairman

Alexey Akatiev (RUS)                    Vice Chairman

Massimo Giuliani (ITA)                  Secretary

José Eduardo Hernandez Fernandez (ESP)  Members
Tania Bogomilova (BUL)
Petros Arestis (CYP)
Milos Spanjol (CRO)
Danielle Keller (DEN)
Shila Sheth (GER)
Rita Lázár (HUN)
Yizhac Malul (ISR)
Aleksandar Malenko (MKD)
Dag Rinden (NOR)
Baret Avedikoglu (TUR)
Oleksiy Yesypenko (UKR)


Sami Wahlman (FIN)                      Bureau liaison

Hordur Oddfrídarson (ISL)               Chairman

Boris Drobac (SRB)                      Vice Chairman

Margarete Kugler (AUT)                  Secretary

Goran Raca (BHI)                        Members
Boris Golosoun (BLR)
Jan Novotny (CZE)
Nicola Latty (GBR)
Ulrike Urbaniak (GER)
Carlo Mifsud (MLT)
Mathilde Vink (NED)
Geir Andersen (NOR)
Lukasz Jarochowski (POL)
Carmen Bunaciu (ROU)
Alexandr Danilov (RUS)
Umut Salar (TUR)


Christer Magnusson (SWE)                Bureau liaison

Kyriakos Nanousis (GRE)                 Chairman

Naama Constantini (ISR)                 Vice Chairman

Milica Vukasinovic Vesic (SRB)          Secretary

Josip Varvodic (CRO)                    Members
Susanne Glasius Tischer (DEN)
Dominique Cupillard (FRA)
Alexander Beck (GER)
Jozsef Furstner (HUN)
Lorenzo Marugo (ITA)
Wes O. Zimmermann (NED)
Marian Anghelescu (ROU)
Vitaly Guro (RUS)


Maurice Watkins (GBR)                   Chairman

Simon Galea Testaferrata (MLT)          Members
Francesco Vaccaro (ITA)


Tunde Szabo (HUN)                       Bureau Liaison

Camillo Cametti (ITA)                   Chairman

Rókur I Jákupsstovu (FAR)               Members

Georges Kiehl (FRA) 

Gergely Csurka (HUN)                    LEN Media Manager