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Qualification Tournaments Men’s U15 European Water Polo Championship

The entry and bidding process to organize the Qualification Tournaments to the Men’s U15 European Water Polo Championship to be held in Loulé (POR), has been completed.

Upon the consideration of the various applications received, the LEN TWPC Executive has allocated these competitions to the following Federations:

Group A to be organized by the Croatian Water Polo Federation City TBC (CRO)

Group B to be organized by the Polish Swimming Federation City TBC (POL)

Group C to be organized by the Aquatic Sports Association of Malta City of Malta (MLT)

Group D to be organized by the Czech Water Polo Federation City of Prague (CZE)

Taking in consideration the Water Polo Entries for 2021, the Executive of the LEN TWPC has prepared the respective groups. The procedure applied for drawing the groups is based upon the ranking of the Men’s U15 European Water Polo Championship 2019, the ranking of the Qualification Tournaments of the latter mentioned Championships and as much possible geographical positioning.

The teams directly qualified to the Championships proper are the 1 st to 7 th placed teams at the Men’s U15 European Water Polo Championships 2019 (held in Burgas) plus Portugal as organiser. The Federations to be involved in the Qualification Tournaments are all the rest of those that in the Water Polo Entries 2021 have responded positively. That is a total of nineteen (19) participants, which were divided in four (4) groups.

Upon the criteria mentioned beforehand the respective groups resulted as follows:



Group C – SLO, MLT, FRA, IRL


The first two placed teams from the mentioned groups will join the eight (8) already qualified to the Men’s Under 15 European Water Polo Championships 2021.

Certainly you have noticed, that five (5) and four (4) teams are competing in the qualification groups, that means that for the group C the competition will be held over three (3) days, i.e. between 26 and 28 March 2021, while the matches of the group A, B and D will be played over four (4) days, i.e. between 25 and 28 March 2021, in such manner over one day double rounds will be played, (morning and afternoon session). In the remaining three days only one session per day is to be scheduled.

Furthermore be reminded that the LEN Sanitary Guidelines are implemented in all LEN WP Competitions and as such must be applied by each organizer when preparing venues as well as strictly respected by all participants.