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2021 News Press Releases

LEN greets the 100th anniversary of the Catalonia Swimming Federation

LEN President Paolo Barelli sent a warm greeting to President Enric Bertran on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Catalonia Swimming Federation (see the letter below).

Dear Mr President, Dear Enric, Dear Friend,

It is my tremendous honour to greet all our Catalonian friends on behalf of the LEN Bureau and the whole LEN Family on the occasion of the Catalan Swimming Federation’s centennial year.

The traditions of aquatics in Catalonia are built onto an exceptionally firm base: your true love towards sports and the nation’s outstanding aptitudes are pillars we can only look with the utmost admiration.

The progress your highly appreciated athletes offered in the past decades in every discipline is also outstanding. Olympic titles, brilliant medal collections at World and European Championships in swimming, diving, artistic swimming, open water swimming and water polo all firmly demonstrate how important role Catalonia plays within Spanish aquatics and in our continent and globally too.

Catalonia’s magnificent capital Barcelona is a beating heart of European Aquatics, where even the absolute highlight of all sport spectacles, the Olympic Games found a true home. Whenever Barcelona is chosen to stage one of our showcases, we can be sure that we will find the highest standards, the best of professionalism, the warmest welcome and some unique flavour of creativity and sensibility.

We also watch with amazement the vibrant club life, the tens of thousands Catalonian people enjoying aquatic activities on a regular basis, a great indicator of a healthy and wise nation. Your programmes of involving as many children as possible to pool activities are also examples other should follow.

European Aquatics could always rely on you and you can also count on the LEN Family all the time – we are bound in maintaining our continent’s leading role a on the global stage and now we are celebrating this magnificent anniversary together, in joy, happiness and peace.

Happy 100th birthday, Catalan Swimming Federation!

Paolo Barelli