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D3 Budapest 2021 – FLASH QUOTES

Diving Men’s 1m

GOLD Patrick Hausding (GER) 427.75 – “I am very happy because I defended my title from two years ago. It was a good performance today and I’m really satisfied since I could show once again, even after two years and without many competitions in the lasts months, that I am still able to win this title.”

SILVER Jack Laugher (GBR) 402.90 – “At the end, my score is not so great but I am happy with the medal. For me it was important to get a feel of the Championships and to get used to competing again. I am more than happy to share the podium with champions like Patrick and Giovanni and content with the silver medal.”

BRONZE Giovanni Tocci (ITA) 402.50 – “At the end, the difference between me and Jack was so small. I am satisfied because I gave my best and it’s not only up to me. Jack’s last dive was excellent and that is why he is a great champion. I am honoured to share the podium with these two great athletes. Tomorrow I have synchro with Lorenzo so I must forget today and focus on that. I am really happy with the bronze medal.”

Diving 3m mixed synchro 

GOLD Chiara Pellacani, Matteo Santoro (ITA) 300.69

Chiara Pellacani – “We are diving together as a pair for the first time. I knew we could win a medal but didn’t expect it to be the gold. I am really satisfied, especially for Matteo, I think this will be a great push for his future carrier and a big source of motivation. Now I will rest for two days and then on Saturday I will have the 3m individual, then 3m synchro with Elena on Sunday.”

SILVER Lou Massenberg, Tina Punzel (GER) 294.27

Lou Massenberg – “It was a tough competition. We wanted to fight for the gold and we did, but in the end we lost against the Italians. They did really well today, and we did some small mistakes. Our entries sometimes are good and sometimes not. But at the end we are happy with this silver considering that we had a long way behind us, from Dresden to Tokyo and then back here to Budapest. I think we can be really happy today because it was a really close competition.”

BRONZE Ilia Molchanov, Vitaliia Koroleva (RUS) 289.50

Vitaliia Koroleva – “We expected to win the gold medal today but we didn’t. I am nonetheless happy with the bronze. All in all, I think we did a good competition today and performed well.”

Artistic Swimming Team Technical

GOLD Russia 95.6705 Svetlana Romashina – “It was enough for this win, only. Our coach saw some mistakes that we need to correct if we want to win at the Olympics. This was a strong performance, but we need to improve. This gold medal is what we came here for, so we are happy with that!”

SILVER Ukraine 92.3920 Kseniya Sydorenko – “We are all happy. We really gave our best today. Of course, there is still some work to be done, improve certain elements like always. We had a two-month stop last year and only did home-training. This is a new routine that we are preparing for the Olympics, the Swan Lake, very beautiful and classic. Our coach Svetlana Saidova chose this music and did the choreography. The final score is nice, we have yet to talk to our coach and see what she says but she looked happy. I am back after almost a four-year break. I stopped after the World Championships in Budapest 2017. It feels amazing, I missed this.”

BRONZE Spain 89.7700 Ona Carbonell – “We are happy with the medal and so are our coaches. They are happy with our performance and satisfied so this is the way we have to follow to the Olympics. I think that the score was good but it could have been better. This is my first competition after my maternity leave. I was nervous before the start because this is my first time being away from my baby but now it was all worth it.”

Open water swimming Men’s 5km

GOLD Gregorio Paltrinieri (ITA) 55:43.3 – “This is my first European Championships in open water so it was a challenge but it feels pretty good. Over the last lap I saw the other guys close to me but I just wanted to push to the limit. Earlier, it wasn’t enough what I did in trainings so I practiced a lot, more in Italy in open water where the weather is good. Every little step you take counts and now all these little pieces came together.”

SILVER Marc-Antoine Olivier (FRA) 55:45.1 – “I felt I was in good shape so I’m really happy that I could win this medal. It was a good race, it was a very tight finish but a great way to start the championships. I had some problems as I’m not really fond of these full body suits but this time I could overcome this. Of course, the focus is on the 10km, that’s what really matters.”

BRONZE Dario Verani (ITA) 55:46.6 – “I try to attach myself to the pack and go with them as long as possible. It was a huge battle and at the end I was astonished to see that only two others were in front of me. I told myself, oh, I couldn’t believe it, let’s try it – and I’m extremely happy that I could win a medal, especially in the company of Gregorio. This is a huge boost to me.”

Open water swimming Women’s 5km 

GOLD Sharon von Rouwendaal (NED) 58:45.2 – “I didn’t do any race in the past one and a half years so I felt some stress but good kind of stress before the start. This was also the first competition with my new coach so I could prove that I could swim fast and and that approves my decision from last year. I wasn’t afraid of the water temperature, I could handle cold water pretty well, I even trained in my normal suit this morning to warm up. I’m happy that the race went like this, I could have even swum a bit faster at the end. Now hopefully I can recover and have another good race tomorrow.”

SILVER Giulia Gabbrielleschi (ITA) 58:49.3 – “It was my first real race for a long time, I took part only in the Italian championship so I was really hungry and aggressive this morning. I wanted to go for a medal and I’m happy that I could get it. I tried to catch Sharon but she was too fast today.”

BRONZE Oceane Cassignol (FRA) 58:51.4 – “It was a very fast race, I tried my best but I couldn’t pass Sharon and the Italian girl. Sharon set a very fast pace and I did try to keep up with her but at the end she did really well in the finish and Giulia also closed down the lane where I could have passed her. I saw that there were three of us so I though OK, I could settle for a medal which was great as it had also been hard to pass the other Italian at the second buoy in the last lap. I can say I’m really happy with this medal, first one for me at senior level in individual races.”

Artistic Swimming Solo free

GOLD Varvara Subbotina (RUS) 96.4333 – “I’m happy, this is my first gold medal in solo at senior European Championships. I was hoping that it would be possible to get this medal, but I was not completely sure of it. Now I won it, and I’m really satisfied.”

SILVER – Marta Fiedina (UKR) 93.7000 – “Oh I am so happy. I think this is my best result since Gwangju. This is my first competition after Covid19. It was hard, everything was being postponed, not knowing when we could come back. Last year we had to stay at home during the first lockdown for two months. We only did zoom and some dry training. It feels really good to finally be back, competing. I did this routine back in 2020 in France for the World Series but we changed a lot of moves. It is only the second time that I am performing it.”

BRONZE – Evangelia Platanioti (GRE) 90.8000 – “I’m so happy, I was crying on the stage once I knew my score. This is my first time to get 90 points. I was in tears of joy. I really like my free solo because it is powerful and full of energy. It has a lot of vertical movements and many figures and I like it. This is a good beginning and ending here for the Europeans, now I want to support my teammates. On the other hand, I am thankful to have a chance to work with Anna Tarrés , and I want to thank all my coaches and all my team.”