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D4 Budapest 2021 – FLASH QUOTES

Diving Women’s 10m 

GOLD Anna Konanykhina (RUS) 365.25 – “I am absolutely happy. I dreamed of standing on the podium and feeling that I could show my best dives. But never imagined to win the gold medal. This is my second senior competition, the first one was the Olympic Qualification Tournament two weeks ago. At this European Championships I improved for my personal best by more than 20 points.”

SILVER Iuliia Timoshinina (RUS) 329.20 – “I am very satisfied with the silver medal, but I wanted to get the gold. My third dive was the best one. So I am happy but it could have been better.”

BRONZE Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix (GBR) 326.60 – “I started the competition a bit shaky but managed to pull through at the end with all the dives. I am extremely proud of myself. This is my first senior European Championships, the atmosphere is different, it’s amazing and a great learning experience. For starters, there are not many people of my age, well, except for Anna. But I really enjoyed it. I am gaining experience primarily to get a feel of a senior championships.”

Diving Men’s 3m synchro 

GOLD Patrick Hausding, Lars Ruediger (GER) 426.78

Patrick Hausding: “It was a phenomenal performance tonight. The difference compared to yesterday (gold in 1 metre) is that in this event never before I was European champion, despite I’m already 32. Finally I found my partner to achieve that gold. We had three European Championships so far together, the first was a bronze, the second was a silver, and now we claimed the gold. We are super happy, we even had one big mistake at the end but despite of that we were able to get this medal and this gold makes us being even more motivated for the Olympics.”

SILVER Evgenii Kuznetsov, Nikita Shleikher (RUS) 415.47

Evgenii Kuznetsov: “I am not that much happy, maybe a little bit disappointed, because despite we are not in our best shape, we are better than the score we got today.”

BRONZE Oleksandr Gorshkovozov, Oleg Kolodiy (UKR) 409.92

Oleg Kolodiy: “We are satisfied. We had some technical errors in some of the dives but in the end it turned out well. We started diving together in 2017 but have been doing it regularly since 2018. For us, it is most important to get back into the rhythm of competing. In the post-Covid era we have done only a World Cup in Tokyo before coming here. Luckily, we were allowed to train by our NOC the whole time as candidates for the Olympics. We did train but not that intensively. Sasha is done here but I will do 3m individually. First I have to qualify for the final and then we will see, I want to take a shot at a medal.”

Artistic Swimming Free Combination

GOLD Ukraine 94.7000 – Maryna Aleksiiva: “We are very happy. I think this was the best performance of this routine so far. We must say that we like it more than the rest of our team. It is beautiful, there is a lot of us so it is powerful, very artistic and expressive. It’s titled Magic castle and it is what we tried to bring to life in the water. This is Ukraine’s second gold after Marta’s win here at the Europeans. Tomorrow we have team free. We practised that programme during the entire lockdown period. It is the hardest routine of our lives but also very beautiful, full of artistry, yet different. We would be happy with the score of 94-95 points and improve it from there.”

SILVER Greece 89.1000 – Danai Kairiori: “I am happy for my team. I think we deserve it because we have been training for so many years far away from our families and friends and this medal is for all of us and the sacrifices we made.”

BRONZE Belarus 86.0667 – Anastasya Navasiolava: “I am very happy, I still can believe that we have won a medal.”

Open Water Swimming Men’s 10km 

GOLD Gregorio Paltrinieri (ITA) 1:51:30.6 – “I’m really happy with all my results. I came here just to do my best and prepare for the Olympics but I didn’t expect anything in particular. Two gold are really a maximum for me and I’m really glad to be here and compete with these guys. It’s my first time in the 10km at the Europeans and it was amazing. The bests are Europeans so it’s really great that I could achieve this. In the previous years I didn’t have enough energy to push the last 1,000 metres like today. Now I arrived to the finish that I felt I could speed up. I could travel throughout the race with the pack, didn’t lose too much energy, I didn’t have that much fighting and this put me to a great position to go ahead at the end.”

SILVER Marc-Antoine Olivier (FRA) 1:51:41.7 – “I came here for the gold as this is my distance so I’m not fully satisfied with this medal. The main goal is the Olympics so this race was a good experience on the way. I think Paltrinieri didn’t do any surprising thing, he was just well-prepared to swim in the wetsuit but that’s a good lesson for us and we can use what we learned here for the Olympics.”

BRONZE Florian Wellbrock (GER) 1:51:42.0 – “It was a tough race among good conditions with the wetsuits. At the end it was a tough battle with Marc-Antoine, I came in the third position which is OK for the moment. I think I can do a little bit better in Tokyo. I had problems to swim in the pack so I tried to swim in front for most of the race but at the end I felt a little bit tired.”

Open water swimming Women’s 10km

GOLD Sharon van Rouwendaal (NED) 1:59:12.7 – “Today my goal was to learn several things during the race and not just swim to win or get to the podium. It was more about to see what my rivals could do, tiring them, leading the pack, I did a lot of changing of gears but that cost a lot of energy. So even if I was in front I still wasn’t sure I could win the race. I got pretty tired of playing this way. I guess everybody was dead at the end, so was I, perhaps I did a bit too much playing. In the past when I left the others, I really left and never played, today that was the price of testing the others and myself.”

SILVER Anna Olasz (HUN) 1:59:13.0 – “It’s pretty strange to think into it but ever since I started my open water career in 2011, this was my very first medal in the 10km race at the majors. I had a lot of ups and downs since my last podium in Kazan 2015 (in the 25km), though one thing never changed: my love towards swimming. Still, if the World Championships hadn’t been staged here in Hungary in 2017, I would have probably finished my career. I carried on, though I never really succeeded at the races, my performances were never worthy of the high quality of my trainings. For some reason, I wasn’t able to deliver in competitions as I barely believed in myself. Then came last year when I could really cleaned up my mind and however weird it is but this Covid-period helped me a lot to get rid of all the demons. Now I had a plan and I could stick to it, I could do what the tactics required and when I saw I could close on to Sharon it was a huge boost. Over the last 50m, I knew I didn’t have that much chance to pass her as she is a pretty good pool swimmer too while I’m not really famous for my speed but I don’t want to think of the tiny gap, I just want to enjoy this medal!”

BRONZE Rachele Bruni (ITA) 1:59:15.1 – “It was a very tough race but a very good one. I tried to go with Sharon but I fought with the Spanish girl and that took a lot of energy and also took my focus away. I should say, that long fight made it impossible to have a realistic chance to go for the first place but once we settled somehow, I told myself to keep calm and focus on the finish. I was lucky, as the Spanish arrived to the panel in a bad rhythm so I could touch in ahead of her with my left hand. You know, I started my international career in Lake Balaton back in 2006, so I have really good sensations coming to Hungary. Now I’m waiting for the Olympics to have a worthy end of my long career.”

Artistic Swimming Duet Technical

GOLD Svetlana Romashina, Svetlana Kolesnichenko (RUS) 96.2904

Romashina: “Every medal is great, makes your day great. I could say that I remember all the medals, but I think this medal I’m going to remember more, because of the postponement caused by the problems with underwater speakers. We understand it was nobody’s fault, it is just something that can happen. I think we have to be very happy today, but we need to work more, because there are some little mistakes that we have to fix.”

Kolesnichenko: “My motivation to keep fighting for the gold medals is my partner because she is a mother. While I rest she is at home working, so she is my idol. Everyday I look at her and I admire all that she does. She is so great and so cool, and she is an inspiration for me to work even harder.”

SILVER Anastasia Savchuk, Marta Fiedina (UKR) 92.6862

“I think our performance today was better than on Monday. The whole situation with the music was very strange but we prepared for today. We will try our best to be even better at the Olympics.. This routine is very demanding and difficult, it was created especially for the Olympics. We worked for a very long time on it and tried to put in some creative moves. We are happy with the result.”

BRONZE Elrini Alexandri, Ana-Maria Alexandri (AUT) 89.4592

Erini: “We are very happy to bring medals to Austria since our last podium was a long time ago (in 1987). We are very proud of ourselves, and this medal is a big motivation for the future.”

Anna-Maria: “We fought a lot for this medal and it is a big motivation for the Olympic Qualification which is taking place in a month in Barcelona. We worked really hard for this medal and we got good feedback here in Budapest. So we are really satisfied at this moment!”