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D6 Budapest 2021 – FLASH QUOTES

Diving Women’s 3m

GOLD Tina Punzel (GER) 330.85 – “This medal is really special, because I was really close to win the event in 2017 and 2018, so now I am happy and relieved. I knew that I am capable of clinching a medal and I wanted to show it in a competition and it worked out, so I am really happy.”

SILVER Chiara Pellacani (ITA) 321.15 – “I was a bit nervous at the beginning and then I had a bad dive in the third round and my confidence took a dive (smiles). I knew I had it in me and luckily I managed to overcome it and get back on track and calm myself which makes me proud and satisfied. This is my first season as a senior and I was the youngest of the finalists. I am too tired to train for tomorrow. I will try to rest and try to give my best tomorrow with Elena on the last day of the Europeans.”

BRONZE Emma G. Gullstrand (SWE) 319.60 – “I am amazed that I could make it through… I got the chance to go to the USA, to train there, in Miami, and we had competitions there. But being in a bubble in Tokyo, for the Olympic Qualification and here in a bubble too is mentally hard. So I am very happy. I did not expect this medal. I just tried to go over 295 points, and I was focused on that.”

Diving Men’s 10m synchro

GOLD Thomas Daley, Matthew Lee (GBR) 477.57

Tom Daley: “I am delighted. This is my first ever synchro gold medal. Plus I surpassed my personal best by 5 points. The last dive was not the best one but we have time and room for improvement before Tokyo. Last year was different. I used the time to work on myself in a different way. I did a lot of stretching, pilates, did mobility exercises and generally took time to recuperate and shift perspective. In times like these, you shift perspective and you realise what truly matters like friends, family and health. I am just lucky to be here. Previously I used to torture myself before the Olympics, I put too much pressure on myself. Now, I am just like, why torture yourself about something that you have been dreaming of. Just enjoy it and the time you have while doing so.”

Matthew Lee: “I feel really good. During lockdown I spent all the time at home and enjoyed it. Now I work really hard. I am a year older but I have had one extra year of training so I would say I am one year wiser not older and see it as a benefit. I am very happy but there is always room for improvement.”

SILVER Aleksandr Bondar, Viktor Minibaev (RUS) 471.96

Aleksandr Bondar: “We are satisfied. It is a big result, it’s been a long time since we had a score this high. Of course we wanted to be the first. In two weeks we have our National Championships and only the best two will qualify for Tokyo and at the moment this is our primary goal, it’s more important even than the Europeans. One dive was not good. The others were perfect with just some small faults that we must work on. All dives got over 90 points so it was very good.”

BRONZE Timo Barthel, Patrick Hausding (GER) 424.32

Patrick Hausding: “I am very satisfied with this new medal. This is my last event here. Finishing the European Championship with a medal is always nice. I got four in Budapest: two golds and two bronzes. I am really happy. I would like to add that this is our third competition together, and three weeks ago in Tokyo unfortunately we missed the Olympic spot by more or less one and a half points, it was a misery for us. But now with this bronze medal we got back where we want to belong and I am so happy to share this medal with Timo, because it is his first medal ever at use it is his first medal ever at European Championships.”

Open Water Swimming Team Event 

GOLD Italy 54:09.0 – Gregorio Paltrinieri: “Three out of three – it’s like a dream coming true. Never thought of anything similar what happened in these past days. I just came here to have a couple of good swims and do my best – to help the team winning this gold is really amazing.”

SILVER Germany 54:18.0 – Florian Wellbrock: “I wouldn’t say the plan worked as it was to catch the Italians which we could not achieve. Still, it was a good race and we should be happy with this silver medal.”

BRONZE Hungary 54:18.5 – Kristof Rasovszky: “This is the best thing one can imagine, winning a medal in team. Everyone gave its absolute best, the only thing we are missing is the fans, just image we achieve this with thousands of people around. Anyway, we are super happy and I see a fantastic potential in this team since the little kid (David Betlehem) will be 10cm higher, gain 10 more kilos too and then he will be our deadliest weapon at the World Championships next year.”

Artistic Swimming Highlights Routine 

GOLD Ukraine 95.3000 – Marta Fiedina: “I am so happy. This programme feels like a party to us. You know, Ukraine always has great acrobatics. I love this routine, all of us do and we really enjoyed performing it. This Championships for us is steppingstone on our way to Tokyo. We were good. It showed us the things we need to work on. Personally I am happy, eight medals in eight performances. My goal is always to give my best for my country and my team and make artistic swimming more popular in Ukraine because at the moment it’s not that popular you know.”

SILVER Belarus 86.5667 – Anastasiya Navasiolava: “This is the first medal in Highlight for our country, so we are proud of it, and also the second medal at this European Championships. This is good but not super, because we wanted to win the team free medal yesterday, so we are not completely satisfied at the end.”

BRONZE Hungary 79.1000 – Luca Rényi: “I can’t describe how happy we are now. The hard work paid off. We were training so hard during the covid-19. These high scores we got is a big motivation for us to continue the hard work. Our team is so young, most of the athletes are 16-17 years old. If we can work together more like this, I hope we can achieve a result like this in the years coming.”