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D10 Budapest 2021 – FLASH QUOTES

Men’s 4x200m free

GOLD Russia 7:03.48

Aleksander Krasnykh: “We are very happy because this is our first gold medal in this event since 2016. Of course, we wanted that because the Olympics are coming. I have to say that there we need to swim a lot faster than today.”

Mikhail Vekovishchev: “It was really important for me to show my best in this event because at the Russian nationals in April I was not in my best shape. I’m satisfied because the coach gave me this new chance what I was capable of.”

SILVER Great Britain 7:04.61

Thomas Dean: “I’m really very happy and satisfied. I did both the 100m free and this relay so I feel a bit tired. The whole team did very well, we haven’t rested and our training continues as the championships go. I think this team can only get stronger and faster as the summer approaches.”

James Guy: “Tonight was a really interesting race, we swam it very differently than this morning. We could see that some of the guys were quite tired but there are no excuses. Tonight was my third 200m of the meet I clocked 1:45 so I’m quite satisfied with that. It was overall a good performance and comes Tokyo I know we will swim a lot faster.”

BRONZE Italy 7:06.05

Marco de Tullio: “It was really good, I did my personal best. I have the individual race tomorrow, I don’t know what I can do. We are in training and try to have fun and see how it goes. I’m really happy for the team now.”

Stefano Ballo: “I’m really happy for everybody. We did it together. I felt a bit tired but all in all it was a really nice race. It was a team effort and I’m glad that we repeated the podium of the Glasgow team.”

Men’s 200m fly

GOLD Kristof Milak (HUN) 1:51.10 CR – “I don’t know why but I got really tense in the call room, almost had to throw up. This happens sometimes, especially before the 200m fly when I don’t feel that I’m in really good shape. I need that confidence before the top races so it was a kind of guessing what would happen here. Throughout the race I just wanted to control the technical part, I saw the Italian guy turning behind me before the last 50m so I though my finish will be OK though I didn’t have any idea where we stood with the times. Well, at the end it turned out to be 1.51.1, so I cannot complain…”

SILVER  Federico Burdisso (ITA) 1:54.28 – “The semi-final went to smoothly and it was easy for me. I did not expect the final to be so difficult and hard. I’m happy with my time even though it could have been just a bit better. My next race is the 100m fly on Saturday, and of course I’m very happy with the medal.”

BRONZE Tamas Kenderesi (HUN) 1:54.43 – “I’m a bit disappointed because I couldn’t achieve the time I did in the semis, in fact my target was 1.53. It’s somewhat pleasing that I could do at least 1:54 again, despite the wall didn’t come in the right rhythm at any of the turns but I could somewhat react to that. Still, it’s not a good feeling to lose to Federico by a couple of hundredths but I got a medal so I’m accepting this.”

Women’s 50m back

GOLD Kira Toussaint (NED) 27.36 – “This is a dream come true, I’m so happy that everything worked out. It’s always the hardest in the finals where I have to perform my best. So I’m happy to win… Oh my gosh…”

SILVER Kathleen Dawson (GBR) 27.46 – “I feel really good. It was a great race, Kira is such a formidable breaststroker. I would have loved to swim a little bit faster, but I cannot complain, I’m really happy about the medal.”

BRONZE Maikee de Waard (NED) 27.74 – “I am happy for the medal and at the same time I’m very surprised. I didn’t expect to claim this medal but of course I was going for it.”

Swimming Men’s 1500m free

GOLD Mykhaylo Romanchuk (UKR) 14:39.89 – “I’m very happy with this result, especially because I didn’t swim the 1500m for two years. I’m so happy with this, we did a lot of work but there is still more work to do in order to be the best there.”

SILVER Gregorio Paltrinieri (ITA) 14:42.91 – “I tried start off strong and see how it goes. Somewhere halfway I started feeling tiredness, probably because of the open water races last week. For now, 14:42 is a very good time, I’m really satisfied. Looking at the summer, this is a great starting point.”

BRONZE Domenico Acerenza (ITA) 14:54.36 – “I’m very happy with this medal. It was my dream, I didn’t expect it though. So race was great, this is incredible.”

Men’s 100m free GOLD – Kliment Kolesnikov (RUS) 47.37 “After the semi-finals I was trying to understand my mistakes since my time was worse then I had in the prelims. I decided to start faster like I had done at our Russian nationals, I haven’t seen my 50m split yet but I think I made that goal because I saw the other swimmers were behind me. As for the problems after the 100m back, I was just tired. It’s something can happen to you. It was our common decision with my coach to swim the back as we hoped I could do it. It turned out that I could not at this moment. Anyway, we are not giving up the idea for the Olympics but we will work more on it.”

SILVER Alessandro Miressi (ITA) 47.45 – “I tried to give my best, I decided to swim my race and not to look at the others. I’m really content with the progress I’ve been making along the way and I’m very happy with this silver medal. ”

BRONZE Andrei Minakov (RUS) 47.74 – “I did not prepare for this championships particularly, we have a busy schedule here. I’m really happy with this medal, I think my speed is promising at this stage.”

Women’s 100m breast

GOLD Sophie Hanssen (SWE) 1:05.69 – “I feel amazing, this is a dream come true. Honestly, I’m speechless… But I feel very grateful for all those around me – only a few weeks ago I tried to get my time under 1:07 and now I’m under 1:06 so all my hard training paid off. I’m really excited for the future.”

SILVER Arianna Castiglioni (ITA) 1:06.13 – “I’m very satisfied since it was a very difficult race. We all fought really hard, I tried to stay calm during the race but somehow, any time I swim in Hungary, I feel after a while that my race is filled with tension. Tomorrow I swim the 200m, that’s not exactly my event but we will see what I can do.”

BRONZE Martina Carraro (ITA) 1:06.21 – “This is my first medal at long-course European Championships so I’m really happy. Perhaps the bronze is not the best but for now it is more than enough on my road to Tokyo.”