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D11 Budapest 2021 – FLASH QUOTES

Mixed 4x100m medley relay

GOLD Great Britain 3:38.82 – new ER

Adam Peaty: “We haven’t been swimming this mixed relay for a while. Of course, we had to make changes to the team depending on the weaknesses we see. This mixed relay is a new element in my schedule. I’m very happy where I’m at the moment as well as the whole British swimming.”

Kathleen Dawson: “I really enjoyed this race as it’s so different from the others, swimming with the boys. It was very exciting, I didn’t expect to swim as fast as I did in the semis but I ended up improving my time by 0.01.”

James Guy: “We went into the race with a very good plan. It was an excellent race. Kathleen started great, I did a very fast leg, Adam just did what he always does. In fact, this was my the second fastest split which shows we are on to something good.”

SILVER Netherlands 3:41.28

Kira Toussaint: “We really focused on this relay because this is an Olympic event. At the last Europeans in Glasgow we were fourth and now we are very happy for this silver medal. It’s really nice to be on the podium with your team-mates.”

BRONZE Italy 3:42.30

Nicolò Martinenghi: “I’m very happy and satisfied. It was a very beautiful race, this relay is something new, I found it motivating and nice to swim in a mixed team. Everybody is really happy. Personally, I swam very well and clocked a very good time. After my individual final the other day I had to reboot myself, raised my level and now I’m back.”

Margherita Panziera: “I’m very satisfied, it’s a new Italian record, everybody was excellent. I didn’t expect to be as fast as I was in the semi-finals. I’m very pleased, everybody was great we showed we were in a very good shape.”

Men’s 200m IM

GOLD Hugo Gonzalez (ESP) 1:56.76 – “I didn’t expect this but I saw other swimmers in front of me and I just tried to catch them. I am very happy and don’t have words to tell how I’m feeling in this moment. I’m in shock, I’m absolutely happy! These European Championships offer an incredible opportunity to swim among the best swimmers of the continent. This chance is even more important today because of the pandemic. These three medals give me more confidence for Tokyo and it’s a great proof that we are working well and I’m on the international level I need to be.”

SILVER Jeremy Desplanches (SUI) 1:56.95 – “It was a really hard race, I am missing two months of training to really finish this race properly. My time is not too bad, but it was really hard and my legs are hurting now.”

BRONZE Alberto Razzetti (ITA) 1.57.25 – “I’m very happy, wow, I’m over the moon, what a start for the European Championships – this one is for the whole team. I’m very happy with my time, it’s nearly my personal best. This is the result of really hard work I put in in the last two months and a great motivation to work more and get even better. I’m really happy with this medal, next is the Olympics.”

Men’s 200m breast

GOLD Anton Chupkov (RUS) 2:06.99 – “I’m very happy it was a very good race and a very good time. It’s better than it was two weeks ago at the Russian nationals. It’s a step up towards Tokyo. Thanks to the guys from the Netherlands and Sweden, it turned into a really great race. It’s great to win that at the end.”

SILVER Arno Kamminga (NED) 2:07.35 – “It’s really cool to win three silver medals here since I never had one before at the European Championships. I think the breaststroke events in Europe are among the toughest so I’m really delighted with these medals. I’m going home very confidently and with Tokyo already in mind. There I will do the same events but the schedule is different, will have more breaks between them so that will not be that challenging.”


Erik Persson (SWE) 2:07.66

“I’m incredibly happy since this is my personal best and a new national record. I can’t wait Tokyo to start. I was trying my best in this race, I went for the title but I’m still pleased with the bronze.”

Women’s 200m free

GOLD Barbara Seemanova (CZE) 1:56.27 – “I cannot even describe how happy I am. I swam against the best swimmers in Europe and now I’ve become one of them. I worked very hard and hard work always pays off. Now I’m so-so-so happy.”

SILVER Federica Pellegrini (ITA) 1:56.29 – “I’m really very happy. When I came here, my original plan was just to swim the relays but when I saw how good it was going I decided to keep my entry in this event too. I’m very happy with my time, it’s more than a second better than my qualifying time. It was a very exciting and beautiful race.”

BRONZE Freya Anderson (GBR) 1:56.42  After the mixed relay.

Men’s 100m back

GOLD Robert-Andrei Glinta (ROU) 52.88 – “I’m really happy. This is my best time, I’m really satisfied. I wanted to have a very smart race and save my strength towards the end to push really hard in the finish. Again, I can say I’m really satisfied and thrilled about the gold medal. It’s truly a cherry on top of the cake.”

SILVER Hugo Gonzalez (ESP) 52.90 – “Wow, this is crazy, I didn’t expect this medal though I knew it was not impossible to get it. This is my first final this afternoon, let’s see what happens in the 200m IM.”

BRONZE (tied)

Apostolos Christou (GRE) 52.97 – “I am really happy and satisfied. Since yesterday my main goal was to get the podium and it’s great that I could take this medal.”

Yohann Ndoye Brouard (FRA) 52.97 – “It’s insane! I can’t believe it, I wanted to make the podium, I’m so happy. This is my first podium and I tied my personal best. This is just crazy.”

Women’s 200m fly

GOLD Boglarka Kapas (HUN) 2:06.50 – “This is great to take the gold and clock the time I wished for. I think all worked out, I travelled in the first 100m then increased the speed and it was pleasing to see that everyone was a bit behind. Once I turned to the last 50m, then I was sure that I would win this as from that position I would not let anyone pass me. I think now I feel really comfortable in this event, I know what to do, when, how to react, that’s what I’m practicing. Of course, I’m aware that the international field at the Olympics will present a lot more challenges but I think I’m on a good way to face all.”

SILVER Katinka Hosszu (HUN) 2:08.14 – “I cannot be satisfied though it was a good race but now I don’t have the feeling that I gave everything and I always tell that I can only be content with a swim if I gave the maximum, then the placement is not that important. Today I think I chose the wrong tactics as I rather followed Bogi (Kapas) who usually didn’t push hard over the first half. My game plan differs as I wish to have a bit stronger first half so it was a good lesson to rather stick to my own plan that to adjust to others.”

BRONZE Chimrova (ITA) 2:08.55 – “I’m satisfied with this bronze here. My main goal was to swim faster than two weeks ago at the Russian nationals – and I did. For me the most important thing was recovering from the coronavirus and getting back to swim in competitions.”