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LEN Open Water Cup, Leg 5, Alghero (ITA) – summary

Paltrinieri and Beck close the European season with wins

Gregorio Paltrinieri made it again, six days after his thrilling 0.1sec win over fellow Italian Domenico Acerenza, he managed to out-touch his team mate again, this time by 0.8sec. In the women’s race the Germans delivered a 1-2, though Leonie Beck’s victory was a convincing one as he enjoyed a 9-second advantage ahead of Jeanette Spiwoks.

Medallists, Leg 5 – Men: 1. Gregorio Paltrinieri (ITA) 1:55:00.8, 2. Domenico Acerenza (ITA) 1:55:01.6, 3. Marc-Antoine Olivier (FRA) 1:55:03.9. Women: 1. Leonie Beck (GER) 2:03:48.5, 2. Jannette Spiwoks (GER) 2:03:57.5, 3. Giulia Gabbrielleschi (ITA) 2:03:59.5

Gregorio Paltrinieri won back-to-back titles in six days to end the European open water swimming season on the same high note as he had started it back in May. He came first at the European Aquatics Championships in the 5km and 10km events – and now he doubled down the last two legs held in Italy: he had triumphed in Piombino last Sunday and now in Alghero too.

Again, he staged a neck-to-neck duel with compatriot Domenico Acerenza and he managed to hit the panel 0.8sec ahead of his fellow Italian (it was 0.1sec six days ago). French world champion MarcAntoine Olivier returned to the series for this last leg to push back Piombino bronze medallist Kristof Rasovszky to the fourth place. Only 1.3sec separated the two, this time the Hungarian Olympic runnerup could not make the podium.

The women’s finish was not as thrilling as last time, Leonie Beck made a clean job and won with a 9- second margin. Winner in Barcelona, Jannette Spiwoks ensured a German 1-2 here as she was two seconds faster than Giulia Gabbrielleschi, who had to settle for the bronze after making the top of the podium in Piombino.

The event at the coast of Sardinia concluded this season’s LEN Open Water Cup. The men’s races saw a French, a German and two Italian wins, while the women’s legs saw two victories apiece for Italy and Germany.

LEN Open Water Cup, Season 2021

• Leg 1: 14 August – Ohrid (MKD) Winners: Marc-Antoine Olivier (FRA) & Martina de Memme (ITA)

• Leg 2: 19 September – Rijeka (CRO) – Cancelled

• Leg 3: 25 September – Barcelona (ESP) Winners: Florian Wellbrock (GER) & Jeanette Spiwoks (GER)

• Leg 4: 3 October – Piombino (ITA) Winners: Gregorio Paltrinieri (ITA) & Giuli Gabrielleschi (ITA)

• Leg 5: 9 October – Alghero (ITA) Winners: Gregorio Paltrinieri (ITA) & Leonie Beck (GER)