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LEN Federation newsletter – 11 March 2022

As part of ongoing work to build more open, regular, and dynamic communication links between the LEN Bureau, LEN Office, and our Member Federations, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new LEN Federation Newsletter.

This Newsletter will become a vital communications’ tool to ensure that Members are kept fully informed about the latest “corporate” news from LEN. This will include key decisions of the LEN Bureau as well as news about the progress of the First 100 days Strategic Action Plan which will deliver across all our areas of activity.

Since the election of President António Silva and the new Bureau on 5 February 2022, there have already been three Bureau meetings with many decisions taken, which are summarized below.

LEN General Secretary Andida Bouma said:

I am happy that we will now start to deliver on one of the key promises made during the election campaign, that our LEN Member Associations should be kept up to date with all the activities of the office and Bureau. This newsletter will enhance the existing sport related news and features that will be published on the LEN website and social platforms and to give a 360 view of LEN activities in a timely manner.

LEN Bureau Meeting

Frankfurt (GER), 5 Feb 2022

Summary of decisions

Josip Varvodic appointed as acting officer of LEN

The Bureau agreed to appoint Josip Varvodic (CRO) as acting officer of LEN with immediate effect with a mandate to work on all subjects as a representative of the President. A change in the LEN Statutes is now planned for the next congress to formalize the position of a first Vice President.

LEN Events 2022

The Bureau requested progress reports on all competitions and will review the modus operandi in relation to events after the internal audit as part of the First 100 days Action Plan. Further evaluation of all events will take place on an ongoing basis.

Inclusion of Men Solo in LEN artistic swimming events

The Bureau agreed to include the Men Solo event in the LEN Artistic Swimming competition programs in 2022 if this does not result in any additional competition days. FINA intends to propose to add the Men Solo to its events in the next congress.

Extraordinary LEN Congress

An Extraordinary LEN Congress will be held in Cascais, Portugal with a proposed date of Saturday May 14, 2022.

No change for Committees in 2022

All committees will be kept at least until the major championships have taken place in 2022. A review will then be done which takes account of decisions taken at the FINA Congress regarding the appointment of new FINA Committees.

LEN Bureau Meeting Virtual,

16 Feb 2022

Summary of decisions

New European members for FINA Bureau

Three new European members have been appointed to the FINA Bureau: Josip Varvodic (CRO), Kyriakos Giannopoulos (GRE) and Sami Wahlman (FIN).

Internal audit and budget

The Treasurer, General Secretary and President have visited the LEN offices to familiarize themselves with the current situation. These investigations are ongoing. The original budget needs to be updated and a revised budget will be presented to the Bureau when ready. It is apparent that LEN running costs are high and that commercial opportunities are not being exploited. LEN needs a new commercial strategy, and all policies and procedures need to be updated as a matter of priority.

LEN Events

The Bureau agreed to create a steering committee per event to make a monthly review of progress against the contracts and budget. This will help to improve quality control over the events. The steering committees will include the staff officers and the relevant aquatic discipline liaisons.

The Bureau decided to allocate the European Open Water Junior Championships to Setubal (Portugal), which fulfils all the requirements. The dates are to be confirmed.

The Bureau also decided that an Artistic Swimming Youth Championship will be organized in 2022. Host and dates will be decided later.

As High Diving will be part of the 2022 European Championships in Rome, a temporary commission has been set up to prepare and manage the event, consisting of:

• Melanie Beck (GBR) Event Management and Logistics;

• Michael Geissbueler (SUI) Facilities and Rules

• Claudio de Miro (ITA) Judges and Rules;

• Hassan Mouti (FRA) Athlete Safety;

• Julian Llinas (ESP) Assistant Referee, Rules, and Safety

• Ildiko Kellemen (HUN) Event Management

LEN Bureau Meeting Virtual,

2 March 2022

Summary of decisions

War in Ukraine

The Bureau strongly condemned all acts of violence and expressed its strong support for and solidarity with Ukraine’s athletes. In this meeting the Bureau discussed concrete actions to support the Ukrainian aquatic family. LEN remains in close contact with the Ukrainian Federations and LEN federations to assist where possible and coordinate support.

The Bureau decided, in line with the recommendation of the IOC, not to invite Russian and Belarussian athletes and officials to LEN events until further notice. No LEN competitions will be staged in or assigned to the territories of Russia or Belarus until further notice. LEN will work with FINA to implement the respective positions.

Revised budget approved

The Treasurer and the office have finalized a revised 2022 budget, which shows revenues of EUR 6,6 million and cost of EUR 6,2 million, resulting in a surplus of EUR 0,4 million. The budget is considered conservative, with a EUR 0,35 million contingency. The value of prize money and travel and accommodation contribution distributed to the federations amounts to EUR 1,6 million.

Bureau Liaisons

The Bureau has decided on the below liaisons for the aquatic discipline committees and technical support committees.

The Bureau concluded that the Athletes Committee had not been formed officially and that the federations will be requested to (re-)submit candidates for this committee. The Bureau approved the creation of three additional commissions:

1. National Federation Commission with António Silva, Josip Varvodic and Erkan Yalcin as Bureau Liaisons, composed of representatives of all European regions

2. Education Commission, with António Silva and Gilles Sezionale as Bureau Liaisons, to address educational and development needs.

3. Special projects commission, with two sub commission to deal with learning to swim and swimming dropout projects and para-swimming. António Silva and Fernando Carpena will be the Bureau liaisons.

First 100 days Action plan and Manifesto

As outlined in the Manifesto and 100 days Action plan, a LEN Reform Commission will be set up to ensure that LEN becomes a model sport organisation that serves its members in an optimal manner.

The following members will be proposed for approval at the next Bureau meeting: Tomas Kucinskas, Andida Bouma, Ewen Cameron, Erik Van Heijningen and Arno Pajek, Pia Johansen and Jack Buckner.

The Bureau agreed to retain the International Sport Campaign Group (ISCG) to provide strategic support to the commissions and help to deliver the action plan.

LEN Bureau member Rokur í Jákupsstovu has been appointed as Liaison for all Media related issues. ISCG will provide PR Consultancy services to plan and deliver LEN Media services, in cooperation with the existing LEN Media team. ISCG will focus on LEN Corporate communications, but also support the promotion of LEN events.

Catalan Swimming Federation

Centenary The President visited the Catalan Swimming Federation to mark the occasion of its 100 years’ anniversary.