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Let’s support Ukrainian aquatic athletes!

Far from home, away from their beloved ones, several Ukrainian aquatic athletes, seniors and juniors alike, are still training and preparing themselves for the upcoming challenges. National Federations and organisations across Europe didn’t let their dreams shatter and their careers break – and offered them safe shelter and support in these troubled times. However, maintaining this help needs further funding now and LEN calls everyone around the world to contribute to support the preparations of Ukraine’s aquatic community.

LEN, just like FINA and the International Olympic Committee, has contributed $ 100,000 to a new fund, which is to be shared among several aquatic organisations, national federations which are already providing invaluable help to Ukrainian athletes across Europe. These aquatic athletes and coaches had to leave their country several weeks ago and now are able to train regularly, however, Federations offering them pool space and accommodation have been using their own resources. LEN is aware that this is not sustainable longer term, and we know Federations are already struggling and need financial support to be able to continue providing everything these athletes may need.

LEN has estimated that a total amount of approx. € 1,000,000 is required to cover the total cost of all internationally active athletes to be able to train and participate in this year’s major events, including the age-group (junior) European Championships.

LEN will cover the participation of Ukrainian athletes at the European Aquatics Championships and is now launching its own fund-raising project to cover the costs of their preparations

LEN President Antonio Silva announced.

LEN has opened a dedicated bank account where anybody (whether a Federation, a company, an organisation or an individual) can make donations of any magnitude.

“We would like to stress that there is no ‘wrong’ amount. Any amount, as small as it may look like will be a huge help in support of Ukrainian Aquatics” the President added.

LEN also understands that there might be entities (Federations) that may not be able to contribute with donations but are eager to open the doors of their pools and sports centres to host Ukrainian athletes. This is just as valuable support, and LEN would like to hear about it as well. Whenever possible and if appropriate, some Ukrainian athletes could be transferred to a new centre, helping to release some financial pressure on those Federations that may soon not be able to sustain hosting Ukrainian athletes anymore.

We are more than certain that many of you will join us in big numbers in this special fund-raising project, turning on a small light of hope in the lives of Ukrainian athletes” Mr Silva said. “Ukrainian athletes are LEN athletes and LEN has a moral obligation to help them in continuing with their Aquatics dreams.

Account details for donations:

Beneficiary of the account: Ligue Européenne de Natation

Rue de la Morâche 9

1260 Nyon



Bank address and details:

UBS Switzerland AG

Place Saint-François 16

PO Box

CH-1002 Lausanne



Account number: 0233-EZ108858.0

IBAN: CH03 0023 3233 EZ10 8858 0

Currency: EUR

Clearing: 0233


Please note that the account is immediately available and will be able to receive donations up until 30 June 2022. At the end of June 2022, whatever amount has been raised and collected, LEN will immediately redistribute according to specific criteria that will be transparently communicated to everyone in the near future. These criteria may be slightly tailored based on the total amount we will be able to collect. Furthermore, LEN will track the donations received and inform all of you regularly, on a weekly basis, how much has been raised.