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European Junior Open Water Swimming Championships, Setubal (POR) – Summary 

France wins three, Turkey rises to the level of Germany, Italy, Hungary 

The next generation swimmers of the traditional open water powerhouses delivered once more at the European Junior Open Water Swimming Championships, held in Setubal. However, a new empire rose to the horizon: Turkey swept all but one medals among the youngest ones. 

A year ago, Turkish swimmers stunned the field by grabbing 15 medals (7 of them gold) and finishing runner-up on the medal chart at the European Junior Swimming Championships in Rome. Most of those success came in the longer distances – so there was no surprise that this week the young Turks also left their marks in Setubal, at the junior open water Europeans. 

Right on the opening day they held a demonstration by finishing 1-2-3 in the boys’ 5km race and grabbing silver and bronze in the girls’ competition. Consequently, they were uncatchable in the U16 relay this Sunday, finishing first by a mile. 

It’s yet to be seen if the emerge of this new empire will be transformed into more medal hauls like this in the coming years – so far, Turkey’s dominance was limited to the races for the youngest ones. In the other two categories the ‘usual suspects’ ruled the filed. 

In the 7.5km, the French-German-Italian contenders occupied the podium in this same order in both events. Sascha Velly’s victory in the men’s race was anything but surprising as he had already made the headlines by coming first at the top level when he won the second leg of the LEN Open Water Cup in Piombino. 

The 10km events also saw a couple of already well-known prodigies riding the waves. Hungary’s David Betlehem retained his title from Paris last year – he already claimed a ‘big’ European Championship medal last year in the relay event in Budapest. He later anchored the Magyars’ U19 relay to another win on Sunday. 

France’s Madelon Catteau bested the women’s field – securing France’s top spot on the medal table – , that was a bit of surprise as runner-up Mira Szimcsak of Hungary earned a stunning win just three weeks ago in the LEN Open Water Cup in Alghero. In this race, host Portugal managed to land a medal too. 

The Team Trophy returned to Italy – though the Italians came short in claiming gold but had six podium finishes altogether and many other valuable placements. 

The season of Europe’s age-group meets are on now, next up are the artistic swimmers, starting on 29 June in Alicante (ESP), followed by the U19 women’s water polo players from 4 July in Netanya (ISR), while the junior swimmers take their marks in Bucharest (ROU) from 5-10 July.


5km (14-15yrs) 

Men: 1. Emir Albayrak (TUR) 1:06:41.7, 2. Tuncer Erturk (TUR) 1:07:32.7, 3. Kadem Erdagli (TUR) 1:07:49.9 

Women: 1. Julia Ackermann (GER) 1:13:09.3, 2. Sevim Supurgeci (TUR) 1:13:18.4, 3. Talya Erdogan (TUR) 1:13:21.7 

7.5km (16-17yrs) 

Men: 1. Sacha Velly (FRA) 1:32:46.0, 2. Vincenzo Caso (ITA) 1:34:33.3, 3. Linus Schwelder (GER) 1:34:34.7 

Women: 1. Clemence Coccordano (FRA) 1:46:06.0, 2. Federica Senatore (ITA) 1:47:21.3, 3. Lara Braun (GER) 1:47:40.7 

10km (18-19yrs) 

Men: 1. David Betlehem (HUN) 1:44:15.8, 2. Paquale Giordano (ITA) 1:46:31.2, 3. Giuseppe Ilario (ITA) 1:46:32.7 

Women: 1. Madelon Catteau (FRA) 1:55:07.7, 2. Mira Szimcsak (HUN) 1:55:39.2, 3. Mafalda Rosa (POR) 1:55:39.2 


U16 (5km): 1. Turkey 58:56, 2. Germany 59:16, 3. Italy 1:00:20 

U19 (6.25km): 1. Hungary 59:44, 2. Germany 1:01:31, 3. Italy 1:01:52 


1. France 3-0-0, 2. Turkey 2-2-2, 3. Hungary 2-1-0, 4. Germany 1-2-2, 5. Italy 0-3-3, 6. Portugal 0-0-1 

Team Trophy (Top 6) 

1. Italy 237, 2. Germany 186, 3. Turkey 185, 4. Hungary 181, 5. France 69, 6. Spain 63 

Check out all the results, here.