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Synchro Technical Routine – FLASH QUOTES

Flash Quotes

Synchronised swimming – Team technical routine, final


Gold medal – Russia, 94.0994

Maria Goliadkina

“It was a great experience to be in the same team with the Olympic champions [Maria is a rookie, came from Ukraine]. We enjoyed this final very much, and I think our performance was really good today.”

Svetlana Kolesnichenko

“This is a special day for us, Russians, Victory Day. We woke up early in the morning to watch the parade from Moscow live and that gave a big boost for today’s performance.”

Silver medal – Ukraine, 92.0844

Kateryna Sadurska

“It was a good performance though we committed a couple of mistakes. We have to work on our routines till the Olympics, but as we have many more competition days ahead, we can show even better routines right here.”

Bronze medal – Italy, 88.9053

Manila Flamini

“It was very nice to get this medal. Our confidence grew before the Olympics. We worked hard in the preparations with Stephane Miermonti from Rome, he showed new elements to us and it brought a different experience for the team.”