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FINAL 6 – SEMI-FINALS: JUG (CRO) V. RECCO (ITA) 10-10, pen. 5-4 FLASH QUOTES and clip

Jug Dubrovnik–Pro Recco 15:14, Semi Final SF1… by lentv

Vjekoslav Kobescak, head coach, Jug

“We took control of the game early and managed to hold that for most of the time. We played really well today, we deserved this win. I don’t want to comment the last scene in the regular time until I don’t review it on video. But I really trusted my goalkeeper that he could win the shootout for us because he did a fantastic job during the whole evening and at the end he did it. From now on we have to focus on the final against Olympiacos, it’s another huge challenge.”

Amadeo Pomilio, head coach, Recco

“At the beginning of the match and towards the end there were a lot of uncertainty in our game, especially in the 6 on 5s. Our defence didn’t work that well either. In the penalty shootout it’s all about luck, once it’s on your side, once it’s on the other side.”

Javier Garcia Gadea, player, Jug Dubrovnik

„It was a fifty-fifty game, we had a big lead, but we got tired, and they came back. The penalty shootout is all about luck, both teams could win that – they missed, we scored, we won. The final tomorrow will be very though against Olympiacos.”

Dusko Pijetlovic, player, Pro Recco

„It was a great game, we came back from a big deficit, and equalised in the end. I think we gave our best but we were also lucky to even get to the penalties. We lost the shootout, but we have no regrets about the game, we couldn’t do more than this. About tomorrow: two very disappointed teams will be playing each other.”