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European Open Water Swimming Championships – Hoorn, flash quotes 10km

Gold (shared): Aurelie Muller (France) and Rachele Brunei (Italy) – 2:07:00.1 h

Aurelie Muller:

“It was a very exciting finish and it was not clear for me, who was in front. It seems, that I’m now one of the favourites at the Olympic Games in Rio as the current world champion and now also as the European Champion. As for Rio, this race was a very good test due to the waves outside of the harbour area, in the rough sea.”

Rachele Bruni:

“The wind and the waves were challenging. My tactic was to stay in the back part of the field for a longer period. When started the last lap I speeded up and it came down to a very tough finish. At least it was a very good test for me for the Olympic Games in Rio and I’m satisfied.”

Bronze: Arianna Bridi (Italy) – 2:07:03.6 h

Not available due to the victory ceremony.


Men 10km

Gold: Ferry Weertman (Netherlands) – 1:55:20.6 h

“That was a very good test for Rio. The third lap was very fast, then I took a little rest and slowed down before we all started the finishing sprint. At the end there have been six, seven competitors who could win. Especially the French, Marc Olivier challenged me. All in all, it was a good race in front of a large home crowd.”

Silver: Jack Burnell (Great Britain) – 1:55:21.6 h

“Today it was very tough with rough waves though it was not surprising for me to win a medal here. It was a very good test for me before Rio, now I’m hoping for a medal there. Three of them are on offer and perhaps one is for me.”

Bronze: Marc Antoine Olivier (France) – 1:55:21,6 h

“I’m happy with my first medal among the seniors, but it was very hard as I suffered from the water temperature, which was too cold for me. To swim in the leading group was my tactic and it was worked.”