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European Open Water Swimming Championships – Hoorn, flash quotes 5km

Women 5km (time-trial)

Gold: Danielle Huskisson (Great Britain) – 59:46.1 min

“To win here is a great surprise for me, I did not expect that as I more like to swim in a group like in the 10 kilometres. It’s funny to go to the water with starting number one and finish the race first.”

Silver: Finnia Wunram (Germany) – 59:52.4 min

“It’s great to win a medal here as a time trial is not my favourite event. It was very difficult to get orientation on the course. I could not see too much and in some areas on the course it was a little bit rough and there were waves. But at the end I’m satisfied with my medal.”

Bronze: Sharon van Rouwendaal (Netherlands) – 59:54.9 min

“After the first lap I got the sign, that I’m fast and in a good position. But over the second lap I had more waves as the others as I started 20 minutes later than for example Danielle Huskisson and the weather conditions changed in the meantime. And it happened after a mistake in the 10 kilometre on Sunday where I lost a medal on the very last meters. It seems that the championships here are not the best one for me. I hope something better at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.”


Men 5km (time-trial)

Gold: Kirill Abrosimov (Russia) – 54:34.3 min

“As a winner in 2012 in Piombino at the European Championships in the 5 and 10 km events, I was not surprised to win today. For me there is no difference, if I compete in a time trial or in an event with a mass start.”

Silver: Federico Vanelli (Italy) – 54:54.4 min

“I had small problems in the first lap at a buoy at the far end of the course, there I lost a little bit of time. But at the end I’m very happy to get a medal here.”

Bronze: Caleb Hughes (Great Britain) – 55:06.1 min

“It was very exciting for me, when I was in the finish and several good competitors have been still on the course. At least I’m very surprised with the medal, but it shows that we are on the right track in Britain with our open water team, as this was our third medal here in Hoorn. We are together since four years and focusing on open water. Of course, at home we cannot train often in open water so preference goes to the pool sessions.”