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European Open Water Swimming Championships – Hoorn, 25km Flash Quotes

KOZYDUB Olga RUS silver medal, GRIMALDI Martina ITA gold medal, JOUISSE Caroline FRA bronze medal
Hoorn, Netherlands 
LEN 2016 European Open Water Swimming Championships 
Open Water Swimming
Women's 25km 
Day 04 14-07-2016
Photo Giorgio Perottino/Deepbluemedia/Insidefoto

Men 25km


Gold: Axel Reymond (France) – 5:02:22.0 h             

“When we arrived at 17.5 kilometre to the feeding pontoon my coach said, as nobody wished to go in front, that it was my turn. So I took the lead and was suddenly alone at the top. But it was not easier to swim with a great gap at the end. It was very hard and cold out there.”

Silver: Matteo Furlan (Italy) – 5:06:07.5 h

“It was a difficult race for me, just as all other events here. At the beginning of the year I got a virus and missed lots of training sessions. As I finished here 11th in the 10km, to get a silver medal here was absolutely fine. Axel Reymond was very strong today and could not be beaten.”

Bronze: Edoardo Stochino (Italy) – 5:09:19.4 h

“The last two laps, swimming together with the others over the last five km were very fine for me as this is my specialty. I was a pretty good finish at the end of the race and so I’m satisfied with the medal.”


Women 25km

Gold: Martina Grimaldi (Italy) – 5:26:47.8 h

“It was a very hard race. I tried two, thee times to go away from the pack, but they always followed me so we were in a fight till the end. When I came to the last 200 meters holding of two-three metres lead I was sure that I would win.”

Silver: Olga Kozydub (Russia) – 5:26:49.8 h

“I liked the race. The first two laps were cold for me, but then I didn’t feel it any longer. I am very happy as this is my first medal in an international event.”

Bronze: Caroline Jouisse (France) – 5:26:50.5 h

“Since this is my first medal at an international championship, I’m very happy and satisfied. At the end it was very cold.”