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LEN Events News Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016

Olympic Games, Rio – Day 12 for Europe

Italy plays for gold in women’s water polo

Italy will play for the gold medal in the women’s water polo tournament at the Olympic Games, for the first time since 2004. Britain’s Tonia Couch was the highest ranked European diver in the prelims in the women’s platform.

The only day at the Games when no medals were up for grabs in the aquatics disciplines, so the eyes turned to the water polo arena where the semifinals of the women’s tournament were staged.

Italy kept the first contest under control for most of the time against Russia and won 12-9 with a confidence boosting performance. Arianna Garibotti played the match of her life, she scored 5 goals, sending her team to the Olympic final for the first time after 2004 (back in Athens the Setterosa clinched the title).

They will face the title-holder and reigning world champion US team which outpowered Hungary in the other semifinal. The Magyars were the first ones in Rio who managed to lead at least against the mighty Americans but it was just a short spell early in the first period at 2-1. Shortly before the middle break the US girls went 3-7 up and never looked back, winning 14-10.

While synchro had a break this day, the prelims of the women’s platform were held in diving. Recently Europeans haven’t enjoyed too much success at the world events, now Britain’s Tonia Couch came up with a couple of promising dives, good enough to be ranked 5th, not too far from the third place. Though she was the only one from the Old Continent in the Top Ten.