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LIFELONG SWIMMING 60&about, Trieste (ITA), report


60&about SPORTS EVENT to promote the value of swimming in Healthy and Active Ageing 


On September 17th, during the European Week of Sport – LEN and FIN organized the Final LIFELONG SWIMMING Meeting in Trieste to celebrate the results of the ERASMUS Plus Project.

The main objective of project was to promote the value of sports and the benefits of water activities in healthy and active ageing. It was organized in FIN Federal Centre in Trieste, a city with a long-lasting tradition in sports and the largest ageing population in Europe.

The LIFELONG SWIMMING 60&about Meeting was held at the Bruno Bianchi Swimming Pool and presented an original formula which joint the sports event, seminar sessions on Healthy and Active Ageing themes and the final LLS Conference and Award Ceremony.

It started with the traditional annual H2OpenDay in which the swimming pool opened free to the local 60&about community to offer “tasting sessions” of water sports activities like slow swimming, aqua fitness and aqua yoga.

Then came the “450 Relays” where swimmers of 60&about met with team members from other countries with the common objective of celebrating Healthy and Active Ageing.

The “Relay 450mix” formula is based on an innovative and friendly formula: relay teams formed by 8 team members: 4 women and 4 men and the sum of their age must be equal or over 450 so as to have a free combination of members of different ages swimming together.

Over 250 people took part in the Meeting and 150 senior swimmers registered in the non-competitive 450 Relays. Teams come from nine different European countries (Spain, Turkey, Malta, Switzerland, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria) and from many Italian regions.

The eldest swimmer registered was Roberto Alberiche Navarro a Spanish swimmer aged 85 who swam with many senior swimmers both beginners, master swimmers like Rosa Segarra Panarroya and Ana Maria Gaspar Monteiro Ferreira champions at the Swimming Masters Championships in London and former national and even Olympic Games Swimmers like Lalla Cecchi, Olympic Games in Rome and Tokyo, Franco Del Campo, Mexico City, Gianni Minervini Los Angeles, Seul and Barcellona.

All participants took part in the Final LIFELONG SWIMMING Conference to celebrate the results of the day and the Lifelong Swimming Project.