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European SC Swimming Championships Copenhagen 2017, bulletin 1

The brand new Royal Arena with its impressive 35,000 square meters is designed to host a broad variety of events.
The 2017 LEN European Short Course Swimming Championships will be the first sport event in the Arena. (Website here)
Two temporary pools will be installed.
• A competition pool measuring 25 m x 26 m (10 lanes) with a depth of 2.0 meters.
• A training pool measuring 25 m x 15 m (6 lanes) with a depth of 2.0 meters.
Spectator capacity during the event will be about 6,500 when both lower and upper level is open. The arena is
fully wheelchair accessible. The arena will be divided into zones for spectators, athletes, VIPs and media and will have free Wi-Fi everywhere, for everyone.
Professional facilities for athletes and coaches – such as warm up facilities, massage areas and coaches’ corner
– will be established for the event. This set-up will secure optimal conditions for the swimmers in their final
preparations. The press will have access to dedicated, high-speed, Wi-Fi and cabled internet, both at their seats in the arena, and in the press center.
Info Bulletin n. 1 here