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Champions League Final 6, Preview D2 – Game for places 5-6th


17.30 Olympiacos Piraeus (GRE) v AN Brescia (ITA)

  • The two sides meet again after exactly one month. In the last round of the prelims, on 26 April, Brescia won 13-10 and secured its berth in the Final Six. That game was not important for Olympiacos regarding the rankings, though. On Day 1 of the prelims, Olympiacos won 8-4 in Piraeus – that match was decided in the last period which Olympiacos clinched with a 3-0 partial result.
  • In the game of the disappointed ones, besides pride, money is at stake: the 5th placed team receives €28,000 while 6th one takes €27,000.
  • Olympiacos had a weaker run this season: last year they had only one single defeat, it came in the Champions League final against Jug. Here, their loss to Jug was the third one in the season (Szolnok and Brescia beat them) and it halted the Greeks’ run for the trophy after their silver medal winning performance in 2016.
  • It is Brescia’s second Final Six appearance but just like in 2014 they ended up in the game for the 5th place. Three years ago they beat fellow Italian side Recco 10-9. In 2014, in the quarter-final they lost exactly by same margin to Barceloneta (4-6) as here yesterday to Eger. In fact, they faced a local side on both occasions, a bit unlucky scenario.
  • Olympiacos was struggling in almost all elements of the game. Their shooting percentage against Jug was 24.2%, scored 8 goals from 33 attempts. Their top shooters had a rather bad day: Ioannis Fountoulis was 1 for 5, Albert Espanol 0 for 3, Mladan Janovic also 0 for 3, it’s 1 for 11 combined.
  • Olympiacos’s most feared weapon, the 6 on 5 didn’t work on Thursday as they could put away only 2 in 8 opportunities.
  • Croatian Olympic champion goalie Josip Pavic (Olympiacos) could deliver 4 saves on 15 shots for 26.7%, going way below the average.
  • Brescia’s attack didn’t cause too much damage either as they could score only 4 goals on 23 attempts (17.4%).
  • Their Olympic gold medallist Serbian player Sava Randelovic finished the match with 0 for 6, while the other foreign aces had slightly better percentage, Vjekoslav Paskovic 1 for 3, Petar Muslim 1 for 4 and Nemanja Ubovic 0 for 1 – it’s 2 for 14 combined.
  • Marco del Luongo did a fine job in the goal, offered 7 stops on 13 attempts (53.8%).

• Brescia has to play with 12 players as Petar Muslim has been suspended for one game after he was expelled with a red card for brutality in the QF.