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PR11-16 European Junior Records

New Age Groups for LEN European Swimming Championships 

European Junior Records 

LEN Bureau upon the proposal of the LEN TSC, approved the change of age groups for the LEN European Swimming Championships. The new age limit which came into force from 1 January 2016 will be as follows: 

LEN European Junior Swimming Championships 

Women 14 – 17 years by the 31st December in the year of competition, 

Men 15 – 18 years by the 31 December in the year of competition. 

Consequently the minimum age for participation in the LEN European Swimming Championships will be for the Women 14 years and for Men 15 years, respectively by 31 December in the year of competition. 

The age groups have been changed in the LEN Rankings accordingly and in this respect please be so kind to report all junior times – short course and long course – with 650 FINA Points or more and all senior times – short course and long course – with 750 FINA Points or more to swimrankings.net at Geologix. Please be also reminded that it is the responsibility of each Federation to report not only domestic or European events but also times achieved outside of Europe. Only times reported to the LEN Rankings can be used for entry purposes at LEN Championships. 

Therefore from 1 January 2016 LEN will register European Junior Records – long course and short course – and the rules will be the same as for the European Records, (General Event Rules E 6 – registration of swimwear, doping control, pool measurement, record form signed by the Referee etc…?

Find attached the target times for the European Junior Records.