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Europe – the dominant continent

Just as in any recent edition of the World Championships (and Olympic Games), the overall picture clearly shows how dominant Europe among the continents. The medal count (table 1) demonstrates the quality of the work our National Federations, athletes, coaches, officials do year by year, week by week, day by day


Continent gold – silver – bronze Total % of total National Federations
EUROPE 34 – 34 – 37 105 46.1% by 16 NF
AMERICAS 24 – 20 –20 64 28.1% by 5 NF
ASIA 13 – 17 – 14 44 19.3% by 5 NF
OCEANIA 3 – 5 – 4 12 5.2% by 1 NF
AFRICA 1 – 0 – 2 3 1.3% by 1 NF

But where the real difference was made is the field mirroring the depth of the quality mentioned above. And this is number of finalists in the various events. Reaching the finals in the respective disciplines mean that the athlete/team belongs to the best ones in the world, a reward for hard work and the quality of the programme run by the respective NFs.

(In swimming, diving, high diving and synchro the number of finalists are determined – in open water we considered the top 12, while in water polo the best 8 sides.)

Click here for detailed Nr of Finalists, National Federations & all Continents datas


FINALISTS – Europe’s Percentage of Total per Discipline
65,9 % 41,7 % 55,0 % 54,5 % 57,1 % 72,7 %

Whether it’s medals or the number of finalists, Europe leads the charts. And what’s even more spectacular is the number of countries producing fine results – contrary to other continents, we have 30 National Federations who had at least one finalist in one of the disciplines (25 alone in swimming).

Europe is truly the leading continent in aquatics – and this has to be mirrored in all areas of the sport. Knowledge, experience, outstanding athletes and coaches, committed officials – this is European Aquatics.