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2017 LEN Events News Open Water Swim Cup

LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup, 4th leg, Copenhagen (DEN)

Tight finish, Bianchi and Beck win in the canals 

Italy’s Andrea Bianchi and Germany’s Leonie Beck emerged as the respective winners of the 4th leg of LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup, where swimmers competed in the canals of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen offered one of the most unusual settings for the 4th leg of the LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup as the swimmers raced in the very heart of the city unlike in other competitions when lakes or seas welcome them in natural environment.

The ‘most urban’ meet saw a rather tight men’s race over the 6km course. Italy’s Andrea Bianchi touched in first, ahead of Israeli Yuval Safra and fellow Italian Dario Verani but the first five burst into the finish in a span of six seconds.

“It was a strange and difficult race so I am very happy that got the victory in the end. The race in Copenhagen is not easy, but it is beautiful” said Bianchi.

The women’s competition ended up in a less exciting finish since Germany’s Leonie Beck managed to break away from the pack and earned a comfortable win, gaining 32 seconds on runner-up Ginevra Taddeucci of Italy.

“The race was good” Beck said. “The first lap was very easy but then I had to catch the Italian swimmer, because she made a fair distance between herself and me. I realised I was going to win when I closed the gap between me and Traddeucci, and the I just pushed on.”

The European Cup will conclude in late September in Bracciano, Italy, participants at the final have to swim a 5km and 10km race on connecting days – at the end €21,000 shall be distributed among the best ones.

LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup, 4th leg



  1. Andrea Bianchi (ITA) 1:06:14
  2. Yuval Safra    (ISR) 1:06:17
  3. Dario Verani   (ITA) 1:06:18


  1. Leonie Beck       (GER) 1:10:17
  2. Ginevra Taddeucci (ITA) 1:10:49
  3. Lea Boy           (GER) 1:12:26




2017 European Open Water Swimming Cup – Legs

Leg 1 – Eilat (ISR), 26 March (10km)

Leg 2 – Barcelona (ESP), 1 July (10km)

Leg 3 – Navia (ESP), 5 August (7.5km)

Leg 4 – Copenhagen (DEN), 25 August (6km)

Final – Bracciano (ITA), 16-17 September (5 and 10km)