Start DateEnd DateEvent Name
10/06/2017Summer Cup of city Olomouc
03/03/201705/03/201728th German Open
04/03/201705/03/2017Memorijal Maja Kos
10/03/201712/03/20177th OPEN "Make Up For Ever"
17/03/201719/03/201720th Orka Cup
29/03/201701/04/2017National Belarus Open
06/04/201709/04/2017Open French Junior Championships
08/04/201709/04/20173rd M.E.C. Cup Junior & U12 and Championships of Slovakia
12/04/201715/04/2017Belarus Junior Open
21/04/201723/04/2017XXIV. Hungarian National Cup
22/04/201723/04/2017Czech Open SS Championships women + age groups
28/04/201730/04/2017Swiss Youth Competiton
29/04/201730/04/20172nd Greek Nireas Synchro Cup
29/04/201730/04/2017Belgrade Open
06/05/201707/05/2017Czech Open junior + age groups
18/05/201721/05/2017French Open "Jeunes" Championships
19/05/201721/05/2017XIII. DELFIN Cup 2017
20/05/201721/05/20177th Austrian Youth Open
27/05/201728/05/201727th Delfínik and Iuventa Cup
29/05/201702/06/2017The Volga Princess (Samara)
02/06/201704/06/2017Suzor'e Cup 8,10,12 age group
08/06/201711/06/201717. PRIMORJE SYNCHRO CUP
09/06/201711/06/2017Finnish Open Junior and Senior Championships
09/06/201711/06/2017Hellas Beetles Cup
17/06/201718/06/20173rd M.E.C. Cup Senior & U15 and Championships of Slovakia
23/06/201725/06/2017VII.Hungarian Open
30/06/201702/07/2017Swiss Open
01/07/201702/07/20177th Austrian Youth Open & 5th Austrian Open
03/08/201706/08/2017COMEN Cup 2017
04/11/201704/11/201712th Little Frogs at Slávia
10/11/201712/11/2017Play Synchro Open Under 12
11/11/201712/11/2017XXV. Hungarian Synchronised Swimming National Open Championships
17/11/201719/11/2017Golden Autumn
18/11/201719/11/2017V4 Olympic Hopes Competition XXX Slovakia Synchro
18/11/201719/11/2017XXV. Hungarian Synchronised Swimming National Open Championship
18/11/201719/11/2017Synchro Open Stari Grad
24/11/201726/11/201726th FLANDERS SYNCHRO OPEN
01/12/201703/12/2017Christmas Prize Prague
02/12/201703/12/201718th Crystal Cup
12/12/201716/12/2017Ukrainian Open Synchronized Swimming Cup
13/12/201717/12/2017Russian Matryoshka
02/03/201804/03/2018GERMAN OPEN 2018
08/03/201811/03/20188th OPEN de France - FINA World Series
24/03/201825/03/20184th MEC Cup & Championships of Slovakia (juniors)
05/04/201808/04/2018French Open Junior Championships
14/04/201815/04/201828th Delfinik & Iuventa Cup
19/04/201821/04/2018Belarus Junior Open
27/04/201829/04/2018International Swiss Youth Competition
11/05/201813/05/2018FINA World Series 4th MEC Cup & Championships of Slovakia
24/05/201827/05/2018French Open "Jeunes" Championships
25/05/201827/05/2018FINA World Series Spanish Open Artistic Swimming Championships
01/06/201803/06/2018Suzor'e Cup
21/06/201824/06/201818. PRIMORJE SYNCHRO CUP
06/07/201808/07/2018Summer National Championships / Open of POR
06/07/201808/07/2018Swiss Open Championship
20/10/201820/10/2018Little Frogs at Slávia
17/11/201818/11/2018V4 Olympic Hopes Competition XXXI. Slovakia Synchro
23/11/201825/11/201827th FLANDERS SYNCHRO OPEN