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life long swimming

LEN – Life Long Swimming

Life Long Swimming
The objective of Lifelong Swimming (LLS) is to spread awareness of the benefits of swimming and aquatic sports through an awareness campaign and increase the participation of adult and senior citizens in swimming with the support of an innovative senior centred program.

In this perspective the partnership will share knowledge and experiences, compare programs and best practices and develop actions to increase and retain new potential adult and senior swimmers. The project will produce the following outputs:

A LLS Awareness campaign on the lifelong benefits of swimming to be run both on web sites, social networks and in swimming pools. It will be targeted to adults and seniors highlighting the enjoyable aspects of swimming and the wellbeing results of leading a healthy lifestyle.
A “Training for a long future” (TFLF) Program focused on senior swimmers containing training sessions, specific workouts, nutrition advice and guidelines for the development of senior friendly pools.
TFLF Seminars to disseminate the program with the technical staff of Federations and their affiliated swimming clubs
H2OpenDays to be organised in the in the partners’ countries during the European Week of Sport and/or Move Week to promote the benefits of swimming and aquatic sports and the project achievements

Lifelong Swimming Project Partners are:
FIN – Italian Swimming Federation
LEN – Ligue Européenne de Natation
RFEN – Royal Spanish Swimming Federation
TYF – Turkish Swimming Federation
University of Coimbra