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artistic swimming - judges

Artistic Swimming Judges information

For LEN competitions, federations can submit judges that are on the current FINA list of judges. The number of judges and the category required (G or A category) depend on the specific competition and will be specified in the rules for that competition. The current FINA list of judges can be found here (http://www.fina.org/content/fina-officials-lists).
At LEN competitions acting judging will be evaluated. Judges will only be allowed to judge if they are present at all meetings organized for judges before and during the competition. Attendance is obligatory even if the federation that has proposed the judge is not participating in all events.
The pathway for the development of judges to the international level can be found here (http://www.fina.org/content/schools).
In order to provide additional opportunity for judges that have passed the Advanced School and want to become a Certified international judge, LEN aims to provide opportunity to work as practice judge during LEN competitions (depending on availability). Requests for practice judging can be submitted to the LEN office at the same time as the officials for the competition.
LEN also organizes annually a clinic for judges and coaches in order to inform them of developments and provide opportunity for training and knowledge exchange.
Any questions regarding the development of judges can be addressed to the LEN Office (lenoffice@len.eu).