2023 World Championships qualifications

This is a clarification regarding the men’s World Championships qualification process for the 2023 edition to be held in Fukuoka.

LEN Total Waterpolo

Here is the excerpt from the FINA By-laws.

BL The four (4) highest ranking teams from the immediate preceding World Championships, World Cup or Olympic Games, two (2) highest ranking teams from the preceding year’s World League, one (1) team from the host country and nine (9) teams from the five (5) continents to be selected through continental qualification tournaments or continental championships. The nine (9) teams from the continents shall be selected according to the following formula: Europe – 3; Americas – 2; Asia – 2; Africa – 1; and Oceania – 1.

Based on this, the qualified teams from Europe as of today:

Spain (World Championships, 1st)

Greece (World Championships 3rd)

Croatia (World Championships 4th)

Serbia (World Championships 5th)

Italy (World League-winner)

Europe has three more berths, to be taken by the three highest ranked, non-yet-qualified teams here in Split.

These can be: France, Georgia, Hungary, Montenegro. The three highest ranked of these four teams will go to Fukuoka.

Women’s landscape

Qualified teams from Europe

Hungary (World Championships 2nd)

Netherlands (World Champiomships 3rd)

Italy (World Championships 4th)

The World League Super Final is to take place later this year (participants: HUN, ITA, NED, ESP, AUS, BRA, CAN, USA)

Just as in the men’s tournament, Europe has three more berths to be allocated here, however, the final distribution of the berths shall be finalised only after the conclusion of the Super Final.