LEN has a zero-tolerance policy to doping.

The key Anti-doping rules and regulations are the WADA Code, the Fina Anti-Doping Regulations and the codes of your National Federation or National Anti-Doping-Organisation.

LEN ensures that there is is an effective anti-doping strategy in force at LEN Events in compliance with WADA and FINA Anti-Doping Policy. Doping controls shall be conducted under the control of the Bureau and according to FINA Rules.

No athlete shall be allowed to compete in any LEN Event nor in any national event unless and until such athlete agrees to subject himself to dope testing in and out of competitions by LEN under their jurisdiction and in accordance with FINA Rules.

Where testing has indicated the presence of a prohibited substance or the use of a prohibited technique or other violation of FINA Rules relating to doping control, the case (according to FINA Doping Control Rules) shall be heard by the FINA Doping Panel.