• 1.1 The “LIGUE EUROPÉENNE DE NATATION”, hereinafter LEN, is the European body for the sport of Aquatics. It is a self-governing, independent and non-profit-making organisation.


  • 2.1 LEN is an association established for an indefinite period with legal status as an association in accordance with article 60ff of the Swiss Civil Code. LEN has its headquarters in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland and is recognised as a Continental Organisation by the “Federation Internationale de Natation” (FINA), the world governing body for the sport of Aquatics.


Aquatics – means Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Diving, High Diving, Water Polo, Artistic Swimming and Masters programmes/activities.

Auditors – means external certified professional auditors appointed by the Bureau. Bureau – means all Bureau Members elected or serving in accordance with C 10.

Bureau Executive – means the Executive consisting of the President, the First Vice President, the Vice Presidents, the General Secretary and the Treasurer.

Calendar – means the Annual Calendar of Events according to C 17.
CAS – means the Court of Arbitration for Sport, based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Commission – means commissions (ad hoc or permanent) appointed by the Bureau with the purpose of achieving a determined task and composed by members of the Bureau and/or by other people.

Committee – means the LEN Committees including all members therein appointed by the Bureau in accordance with C 12.

Competitions – includes European Championships, European Cups, European Water Polo Cups for Club teams, events and tournaments sanctioned by LEN members and international events within Europe in any of the Aquatics disciplines.

Competitor – means a person who is taking part in competitions.

Congress – means the Congress and the Extraordinary Congress provided for in C 9.

Continental Organisation – means organisations formed by the FINA Member Federations from the same geographical Continent and specified in the FINA Rules.

Executive Director – means the Executive Director of LEN appointed pursuant to C

FINA – The FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE NATATION, hereinafter known as FINA, is the sole and exclusive world governing body for the Aquatics. FINA is established for an indefinite period with legal status as an association in accordance with article 60ff of the Swiss Civil Code. FINA has its headquarters in the city of Lausanne, Switzerland.

FINA Rules – means the FINA Constitution, Code of Ethics, General Rules, By-laws, Technical Rules, Facilities Rules, Medical Rules, Doping Control Rules and any other rules and regulations adopted by FINA.

LEN Audit Committee – means the internal auditors of LEN as specified in C 18.2.

LEN Delegate – means the person appointed by (1) a specific technical committee to oversee the relevant technical aspects of the event or by (2) the LEN Bureau to oversee the institutional aspects of the event.

LEN Events – means European Championships in Aquatics in different age categories and qualifications thereto, LEN Cups in Aquatics, LEN Water Polo Champions League, LEN Water Polo Euro League, LEN Water Polo Trophy and any other event as determined by the Bureau.

LEN Logo – means the graphic representation or symbol which is used to identify LEN on all manner of visual supports including advertisements and which may only be used with the approval of the Bureau.

LEN Office – means the permanent office and headquarters where the LEN Executive Director and the LEN Staff deal with administrative work.

LEN Panel – means the LEN Panel for Disciplinary Matters and Disputes as defined in C 15.

LEN Rules and Regulations – means the LEN Constitutional Rules, Congress Regulations (“CoR”), Financial Regulations, General Event Rules, Code of Conduct, Guidelines For Safety and Security at LEN Events, all Event Regulations, Advertising Regulations, Awards Regulations and any other rules and regulations adopted by LEN (including all decisions of the Congress and the Bureau respectively).

Member Federation – means a federation affiliated to LEN in accordance with C 6.

Officers – Officers shall be the President, the First Vice President, the General Secretary and the Treasurer.

Officials – means any person elected or appointed to any position within FINA, LEN, the Continental Organisations, and/or the Member Federations.

Regional Aquatics Events – means events held by and gathering Federations belonging to the same geographical region.

Registered Federation – means a federation registered and included in the administration of LEN in accordance with C 6.1.4.

Sport Country – means a geographical territory or region which, though not recognized as a country, has certain aspects of self-government at least to the extent of being autonomous in the control of its sports, and is recognised as such by FINA.

Sportsmanship – means the behaviour and attitudes that show respect and fairness for the rules and regulations established in sport and for everybody else.

To give effect to the LEN Constitutional Rules and Regulations, words in the singular shall include the plural, words in the plural shall include the singular; words of the masculine, feminine or neuter gender shall include any gender, except in the specification of a competition being for male or female competitors. Correction of any manifestly evident clerical errors shall be made.