European champion diver Tina Punzel retires

European champion diver Tina Punzel has decided against bidding for a place at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and retired from the sport.

The German, who claimed bronze medals at the 2019 World Aquatics Championships and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, won the last of her seven European titles at Roma 2022.

The 27-year-old said in a statement that she had a “really cool time” as an elite diver and was able to “fulfil so many dreams” in her sport.

She took time away from the sport following her Tokyo 2020 Olympic success alongside German team-mate Lena Hentschel in the synchronised 3m final.

Punzel returned in 2022 and secured gold medals in both the women’s and mixed synchronised 3m events, but has now decided to end her time as an athlete.

“I have experienced the highest of highs in my career and I enjoyed it as long as possible,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I took a break till the end of 2021 and after that I came back and enjoyed training and competing more than ever before, but I felt that something has changed. I couldn’t push my body and my mind to the limits any longer.

“I know what it takes to be in the best shape I can be for the Olympics and honestly I’m not ready to go this journey again.

“I had a wonderful finish with two gold medals at the European Championships in Rome in 2022. Now I’m looking forward to everything that life has to offer.”

She concluded by adding; Thanks to all the people who have supported me along the way! This journey would not have been possible without you❤️

To read Tina Punzel’s full retirement statement CLICK HERE.