Families to join the show at the U15 Europeans

The U15 Europeans are back as we are in an odd year – since 2019 the water polo continental championships for the youngest players have also become highlights of the summer. The girls’ edition will take place in Zagreb (CRO) on 24-30 June, while the boys will clash in Podgorica (MNE) on 8-16 July. Families are encouraged to be part of the show and to see their children playing.

Summertime in Zagreb and in Podgorica, filled with excitements as the best European U15 players will be busy on each day at the U15 championships – would you, as parents and relatives, need any better offer than this?

A wide range of hotels awaits the visitors in both cities – and more importantly, both organising committees offer free admission to all matches! Check out the schedule of the tournaments on www.len.eu – the venues are the traditional ones, used for the biggest events in both cities. In Zagreb, it’s the legendary Mladost Pool at the Jarunska ulica, site of the 2010 European Water Polo Championships and a series of other great events since 1987. The games shall be played in the indoor pool.

On contrary, in Podgorica the games are to be staged in the outdoor pool of the famous Moraca Sports Centre, built in 2009 and it also hosted great events, including the U18 Worlds and the U19 Europeans in recent years.

Introducing the cities


The city of Zagreb, capital of Croatia, on the historic and political threshold between East and West, illustrates both the continental and Mediterranean spirit of the nation it spearheads. Zagreb is the cultural, scientific, economic, political and administrative centre of the Republic of Croatia. The city is protected from the cold northern winds by the mountain of Medvednica and opens up to the rest of the world thanks to a spacious plain and the Sava river. Zagreb is a safe city whose doors are always open; a city with a tumultuous history teeming with interesting personalities; a city that warmly invites all those who wish to get to know it, and a city that will surely fulfil your expectations. The façades of Zagreb’s buildings reflect the ebb and flow of history, while its streets and squares bear witness to the coming together of the many cultures that have shaped the identity of this laid-back capital.


There are many beautiful places in the capital city of Montenegro that are worth seeing. Podgorica is characterised by the harmonious relationship between traditional and modern architectural styles, which connect old and new buildings, inviting you to research and experience the city. With its excellent geographic position and pleasant Mediterranean climate, it is a great location to visit during the whole year. The distance to the Adriatic Sea is only 60 km, and 70 km to the north of the country.