Host opportunity – 2023 LEN Learn to Swim Conference

European Aquatics has officially opened the bidding procedure for hosting the 2023 LEN Learn to Swim Conference.

The event will be held from 11-12 November 2023.

Earlier this year the LEN Learn to Swim Commission published its first report, which shared some shocking statistics attained through a major consultation processes into the issue of ‘learn to swim’ and ‘prevention of drowning.’

Among the findings was the discovery that while 80% of European countries have swimming on their curriculum, it is only mandatory in 41% of countries.

Of the 51, from 52 European national federations who responded to the survey, 25 reported that there was no monitoring of their ‘Learn to Swim’ programme delivery goals.

LEN is committed to improving these figures and transforming opportunities for young and old throughout the continent.

For parties interested in assisting with this goal and keen to host the 2023 Learn to Swim Conference, they must submit their bid – together with key information and documents – by Friday 28 April 2023.

These will need to be emailed to LEN directly, via

For reference, the following information will be required as part of the bidding process:

* Signed key requirements confirming acceptance of the conditions;

* Detailed technical description of the Conference Venue;

* List of nearest Airport/s;

* Receptivity and accommodation details, list of potential hotels and hotel prices to be offered to the attendees. 

* Any other relevant facts that could support your bid.

More information and detailed can be located in the document below.