Making history

Four sides are ready to write history by becoming the first-ever finalists in LEN’s newly launched competition, the Challenger Cup. The Spaniards have some advantage, but nothing has been decided.

Prior to the first leg of the semis, an all-Spanish final was very much in the cards. Now it’s still a strong option but neither Tenerife, nor Terrassa could build a decisive gap at home. Indeed, Tenerife needed a last-gasp penalty to beat Apollon at least by a single goal, and now the encounter in Greece promises a hyper-intense battle.

For quite a while, Terrassa were on their way to gain a convincing first-leg victory, but once they rushed to a 7-1 lead, they couldn’t hold on against Enka Istanbul. The Turks came back, and the Spaniards needed some luck to rebuild three goals from their once-substantial lead after 11-11. They are definitely in a fine position to make the final, however, the hosts in Istanbul will definitely go for an all-in.

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Semi-finals, 2nd leg – Fixtures

18.30 (16.30 CET) Enka Istanbul (TUR) v CN Terrassa (ESP) – first leg: 12-15

20.00 (19.00 CET) Apollon Smyrnis (GRE) v Tenerife Echeyde (ESP) – first leg: 10-11