Officials hail “best ever” LEN Swimming Seminar

Attendees and organisers of the 5th LEN Swimming Officials Seminar were unanimous in their praise of the event, which was held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, from 25-27 November.

Over 80 delegates from 26 countries attending the seminars, which were hosted by Swim Ulster and Swim Ireland, with support from Sport Northern Ireland, Fluidra, Malstem and Forest Feast.

The purpose of the event, as with previous editions, was to bring officials from across the continent together to discuss the latest FINA rule innovations, increase international collaboration and debate ‘best practice’ going forwards into 2023 and beyond.

LEN President Antonio Silva was present during the event, which also saw LEN Technical Swimming Committee officials Craig Hunter (Chair), Jens-Christian Iversen (Secretary) and Mireille Zimmer (Member) deliver key seminars.

“For me, it was really important that we had good representation across the whole of Europe for this really fundamental seminar following the new FINA rules that have been introduced,” stated LEN TSC Chair Craig Hunter.

Belfast City Hall hosted a drinks reception and gala dinner for attendees and distinguished guests

“It’s important that our officials are up to speed so that we can run the highest quality of events, as we always expect with LEN.

“There are 52 nations (in Europe) and we want to make sure that the National Championships even down to the club championships are all at the same level and there’s no misunderstanding.

Hunter continued; “It’s important everybody understands so that all athletes get fairly treated, not just at a LEN events, but across the whole of Europe.”

In addition to seminars and debate, the attendees were given a tour of the stunning host city, Belfast, and enjoyed a drinks reception, as well as gala dinner at the Belfast City Hall.

“It was really exciting, occasionally challenging, but very, very different and the best seminar we’ve ever had,” insisted Hunter.

“The feedback was incredibly positive and discussing the evolution of certain rules will help us all in the long run.”

LEN would like to extend our thanks to Swim Ulster, Swim Ireland and wider partners for their assistance establishing, as well as running, such a successful event.

Picture by Phil Magowan / Press Eye