Roma 2022 transformation nears completion

The LEN European Aquatics Championships will begin on 11 August and with a week to go the Roma 2022 organisers have been taking a look at the preparations for the evnet which has seen the transformation of the Foro Italico sporting facility.

There is a new look for the Stadio del Nuoto (Swimming Stadium), which is once again shining like it did for the 2009 world championships: the famous ‘spider’ of lights, a nickname given by the athletes who have animated the world’s most famous pool in recent years, has been replaced by four poles with LED lights along the outer perimeter.

A new grandstand on the short side of the pool with a temporary structure has been built for the European Championships, along with two walkways connecting the Swimming Stadium to the indoor mosaic pool and the Nicola Pietrangeli stadium.

At the Pietrangeli site, which will host all elite and masters artistic swimming events, the temporary pool built for Roma 2022 by partner Fluidra is nearing completion.

Also soon to be completed is the construction of the high diving tower located inside courts 1 and 2 of the tennis club: a 40-metre height considering the swimming pool at the base and the 27-metre platform reserved for the men’s events.

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