CD 1

This Code is subordinated and supplementary to all Rules, decided by the Congress.

Any misbehaviour committed in relation to the aquatic sports or in relation to aa European Aquatics event or European Aquatics representative may be sanctioned.

Cases of misbehaviour are among others:

a) acts of discrimination

b) acts of misbehaviour including but not limited to abusive, violent conduct in a disturbing, ugly or provocative manner, unjustified interference including disobedience with obstruction of the orderly conduct of any sporting event within or outside of the venue(s), malicious alteration, damage or destruction of property or infliction of physical or mental harm on others,

c) cheating but not limited to doping, falsification or alteration of birth certificates, documents of identification or any other document indicating false age, false nationality or any other false information with the purpose of obtaining unfair advantage for an official, an athlete or team,

d) conviction of a criminal offence,

e) acts of misconduct, including those caused by consumption of alcohol or other substances, whether prohibited in the European Aquatics Rules and Regulations or not, and similar acts,

f) acts of indiscretion,

g) acts of insubordination,

h) partiality.

Unjustified offences may be considered independent of any action taken or not taken by the Referee or a European Aquatics Committee.

The Code of Discipline for Water Polo shall be subordinated and supplementary to all European Aquatics Rules approved by the Congress and the European Aquatics Code of Conduct.

The European Aquatics Executive may transfer incidents or offences according to CD 2 to the European Aquatics  Panel for consideration and imposition of a sanction. A sanction for partiality can only be imposed on officials in any position in European Aquatics .

Sanctions are:

a) warning,

b) fine,

c) suspension,

d) expulsion.

In the imposition of any sanction the nature of the offence, the circumstances under which it occurred, the gravity of the offence, the character of the action and other considerations that are in harmony with the objectives of European Aquatics must be taken into account.