‘Serbian water polo will continue to flourish’ – Josip Varvodic

LEN First-Vice President Josip Varvodic led a LEN delegation on a visit to Serbia to meet with the Serbian Water Polo Federation and the Ministry of Sport.

The delegation congratulated the Serbian federation for their excellent work and commitment to develop water polo in Europe with great discussions held over future co-operations.

Alongside Mr. Varvodic, LEN Bureau members Kyriakos Giannopoulos, Milos Mracevic as well as Sports Manager for Water Polo Dejan Perisic.

Josip Varvodic said: “I would like to thanks President Viktor Jelenic, General Secretary Nemanja Marijan and Minister of Sport Zoran Gajic for their continued efforts to develop water polo in Serbia and build a strong infrastructure for events.

“For many years now, the region has been highly successful at all levels of competition, from the Champions League to the World Championships and Olympics.

“It is clear that the development pathway being utilised in Serbia will allow the nation to flourish for many years to come.”